10 Forums to Promote your PTC Link to Get Free Referrals

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In the PTC sector you can earn a lot of money if you have active direct referrals. But getting direct referrals is not that easy for a newcomer. If you can follow a marketing strategy, learn from your mistakes and never quit your efforts, then your success is guaranteed. The strategy in this post is forum marketing. Forum marketing can help you get free referrals if you play your cards right.

Forums are a very effective medium for promoting ptc affiliate links – if done the right way. For example, most online marketers sign up to a bunch forums and start spamming it with their affiliate links.

Huuuuuge Mistake !!

Of course no one joins their money-making opportunity. On the other hand there are other smarter affiliates who know what to do and get free referrals for the opportunity they promote. I suggest you read this article to learn some of the mistakes I was making when I started promoting my clixsense affiliate link on forums and avoid them.

In this post I will show you a list of 1o forums that you can start promoting your affiliate link to get free referrals.

10 forums to promote your affiliate link to get free referrals

  1. PTC Discussion Forum: It is a targeted PTC forum where you can do multiple things and promote your affiliate link to get free referrals. Like other forums you can start a general discussion and get news about latest PTC sites. For promoting your affiliate link you will found multiple options, such as referral deals, referral exchange, Downline builder to promote your link by the way that you want.
  2. eMoneySpace forum: This is a earn money online forum. And this forum is best for PTC affiliate links. Here you can promote your PTC affiliate link and get free referrals. This forum also offers multiple task for promoting link.
  3. Best PTC Forum: The PTC users who want to promote their affiliate link on the ptc community they can do it through this forum. It is a targeted ptc forum. You will see better results if you promote a new ptc site.
  4. Earning Online Forums: This is another make money online forum to promote your ptc affiliate link in order to increase your direct referrals.
  5. Money Maker Group (MMG) Forum: This is one of the best forums on the net which attracts huge amounts of traffic. By promoting your affiliate link you will get free referrals. The amount depends on how good you are on your marketing.
  6. Talk PTC Forum: Another fully targeted PTC forum. On targeted ptc forums I suggest you promote NEW ptc programs. If you promote Clixsense and Neobux for example you will not see great results because everyone in this forum may be already a member.
  7. Money Fan Club Forum: Another make money online forum where you can promote your affiliate link to get free referrals. The best way to do it is by not telling them directly what your opportunity is. Tell them how easy it is to earn money and that it is free to join and no experience needed. People are more likely to click on your affiliate link and join you.
  8. Talk Gold Forum: Talk gold is a make money online forum. People there look for make money online opportunities. Show them your ptc opportunity and ask them to visit your site. So you can discuss anything that relates to online income and promote your PTC affiliate link.
  9. BuxP Forum: BuxP is one of the leading PTC ad network. And BuxP has its own forum to provide help to their members and clients. If you are a BuxP member or not, you can promote your affiliate link on their free-for-all thread.  Again, highly targeted ptc forum, good for new ptc websites.
  10. buxp forum screenshot get free referralsKickass Torrents: This is a torrent community. Why do we suggest it? First of all it has millions of visitors every month and second they have a thread where you can promote anything. If you know how to write good copy and lure people to click on your link, then believe me you are going to get free referrals.

So, these are our top recommended forums to get free referrals for your paid to click website. If you have any other forums in mind that we didn’t list here, then write them down in the comments section.

Also, share this article with your friends on social media. It means a lot to me. Consider it as a thank you for the articles me and my team, offer to the ptc community.

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  1. Kasondra Belew

    Money Maker Group Forum (MMG Forum) and Talk Gold Forum is closed down. The owners of these websites shut it down for whatever reasons. BuxP Forum is about to close their website down soon but I do not know when the owner of this site will do it. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

  2. Joseph Mehrvand

    My favorite method of making money online is with building blogs in specific niches and promote affiliate products through them.

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