Why is a logo important for the business?

Imagine McDonald without its classic golden M, or Redbull without its 2 bulls on the logo. Reading just the brand’s words randomly on a billboard or somewhere online can get really boring.

Well, to be honest, nothing would happen to the brand for not having a logo. However, the competitors would be chosen more by the customers subconsciously. 

Humans are visual beings. We love to remember visual things and relate the words to them. Hence when we see a brand, we’d mostly remember its logo rather than the name itself. It is a small psychological trick every company knows. That said, the logo is not the brand for the company. It is merely an identity. 

Here are the 3 major reasons why logo plays an important role in any business,

Easy to identify and simple to remember

Not only are we humans visual, but our attention span has reduced less than that of a goldfish. So, to ensure the audience identifies and remembers the logo easily, you need to create a quirky and smart logo. 

The logo should also resonate with the company’s values and missions. Keep the logo simple and aesthetically pleasing. That way people will identify the logo pretty easily. They might not remember the name or brand but they will surely know what services you provide.

Stay different and cultivate loyalty

Of course, every other business thinks outside of the box. Every brand and logo is unique. But not everyone has thought through their logo ideas. Spend some time designing the logo. Every brush stroke to the colour you choose portrays your mission. So the right icon and font are necessary.

When you step into the mall to shop for clothes, the first store isn’t the one you necessarily walk into. One would rather look at the brand’s logos and determine to purchase. It is easier to get into an H&M store or Levis store for jeans because you know the brand has quality clothes. It is the loyalty that a brand’s logo creates.

The first impressions and a marketing tool

While meeting a person for the first time, one will observe how the person looks and determine their characteristics. Even before the person opens his/her mouth to speak, you already have a preconceived notion. The same goes with brands and their logos too. So make sure you build the best first impression.

It’s easy to use the logo in the marketing campaigns rather than inserting the brand name and tagline in each post. Especially when you’re busy with social media or email marketing. It is one of the simple tricks to impress your customers with creative designs.

These days it is easy to access email addresses through email extractor tools such as GetEmail.io. It helps in accessing hundreds of emails for marketing purposes.


Colors stimulate emotions and form meaning. When used strategically, color improves the brand’s recognition by 80%. The same goes for words. If you observe, 72% of the best brands you see are either fusion words or acronyms.

These suggestions must have given you enough ideas to choose your logo wisely for the people to remember.

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