How To Make Extra Cash Entering Online Contests And Sweepstakes

Online contests and sweepstakes are a popular way for people to make extra cash or win items ranging from inexpensive trinkets to big-ticket prizes like cars and boats.

While you probably should not quit your regular job just to enter contests all day, you can invest time regularly to this lucrative hobby. You will be amazed at the potential earnings available through these Online contests and sweepstakes.

Online Contests And Sweepstakes

The first thing you should do is set up a separate email account dedicated to your contest entries. The majority of the websites with these offerings will send you email notifications about new contests, winner announcements and more.

Rather than attempting to sift through them in your regular email, where you may inadvertently overlook a critical message, this special email account will help you to focus on your entries during the proper time.

Additionally, install a free form filler app. You will be able to enter more contests and avoid the tedium of typing your name, address and other basic information repeatedly. Once you have your new email and this app, you are ready to go!

Decide what types of Online contests and sweepstakes and contests you wish to focus your attention on and how much time you want to dedicate to the hobby. As a rule of thumb, the more work required for entry, the fewer entrants for the contest.

Do you want to invest some of your time on these types of sweepstakes or will you focus your attention on instant win contests. These require entering a minimal amount of data that your form filler app will complete.

Now that you know what type of Online contests and sweepstakes you will focus on, figure out a schedule. Some find that setting aside an hour or two each day works well while others prefer to dedicate a full day or two each week to entries.

To save time, find a sweepstakes service that you like. These list current contests and will allow you to mark the ones you have entered. Find one with a forum. This will be a good source of support and inspiration. However, do not allow yourself to become distracted from your entry goals.

Cash prizes are great because you can use your winnings however you desire and can add up quickly. However, you are likely to win items sometimes that you are not interested in keeping. Sell them online (on tripleclicks or ebay) or through your local classifieds to increase your cash totals. In some cases, it might be better to donate a prize for the tax deduction.

Open a special savings account where you place all or part of your cash earnings. You will make even more money from the interest. You can also deposit funds into the account in the amount of prizes you won. For instance, if you win dinner for two at a local restaurant, figure out how much you would have spent and put it in the account.

There are some websites that will allow users to sell unwanted gift cards. This can be a good choice if you cannot use it. Although you will lose a percentage of the face value during the sale, it is preferable to losing the entire amount. If a site wants more than 20 percent, keep looking for a better deal.

Success with Online contests and sweepstakes requires patience on your part. Once contests close, the sponsor must verify the entries and choose a winner. It may take weeks or even months after the contest closes for winners to be notified.

Maintain a positive attitude and keep trying. It may take a while for you to win. Keep entering and reading forums to find the best contests and enter as many as you can. Eventually, you will begin to win cash and prizes, making your effort well worth it!

Good luck!

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