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Affiliate forums are  the best places to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional affiliate, you can always find useful information that can bring your business to the next level.

The iAmAffiliate forum is one of the hottest premium affiliate marketing forums out there. The creator is one of the top super affiliates in the industry iAmAttila.

He invited the top affiliate marketers out there to join the forum to learn and share their business expertise and skills.

Because of that the forum provides a wealth of useful knowledge, one step at a time money making tutorials, case studies and most importantly pro affiliates can assist you and answer whatever questions you have.

Why Should You Join The iAmAffiliate Forum?

Probably the number one reason to join iAmAffiliate is that you can obtain unique information specifically for your needs. 

More experienced affiliates will show you new ways to take your affiliate business to the next level and produce additional profits.

Connecting with like minded people is very important especially in this business and it can be a game changer for your business.

The one.on.one assistance you can get on this forum is probably the biggest advantage of joining iAmAffiliate. 

You can and should ask for help with whatever you are doing, whether it’s testing a new vertical or scaling a profitable campaign, and you will get real advice and suggestions from those who are already experts in that field.

Another big advantage of forums like iAmAffiliate is the ability to get straight answers to your questions. Experts in the affiliate marketing sector may be able to provide you with replies. As a consequence, starting with the help of the iAmAffiliate forum is an excellent idea.

How To Guides

You can discover a bunch of very detailed one step at a time tutorials on how to make money that will teach you how to make money. There are so many guides inside iAmAffiliate in various different verticals, traffic sources, niches etc.

You can learn how to make ready, and also launch a new campaign from the beginning, how to find winning ads and angles for your campaigns, how to set up tracking, how to enhance for profits, how to scale your campaigns once they become profitable and many more.

Also there are guides for affiliates at all levels, so no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate who does this for a living, you will be able to find valuable knowledge that will help you grow.

Case Studies

This section inside the forum will let you sneak peek into how those winning campaigns were created, how they made it profitable, how they scale it to more than $1000/day profits and all the things like that. 

By reading these case studies, you can improve your own campaigns based on the information you learn.

If you have your own profitable campaigns, you can create a case study, share it with others on the forum and get amazing tips and suggestions on how you could improve and make even more profits with your campaign.

Follow Alongs

There is also a section for follow along posts inside iAmAffiliate. Whenever you launch a new campaign you can create a follow along post of your own campaign and share the whole journey of how you prepare, create and launch your campaign.

You may start a follow-along and share what you do and how you do it on a regular basis by updating your post. 

Expert media buyers and super affiliates will come to your post, read it, and provide you with all kinds of advice and suggestions along the road, which will help you to get the most out of your campaign right from the beginning.

This is extremely helpful especially if you want to launch a brand new vertical or offer for example, something you have never done before.

Affiliate Marketing Q&A

This is the section where both beginner and pro affiliates ask all kinds of affiliate marketing questions and answer to help each other.

This section is not only for beginners, but pro affiliates utilize it on a regular basis, asking one other for ideas, advanced tactics, and strategies, so even simply browsing the articles here will provide you with a wealth of information.

Weekly Spy Sessions

In this section every week, you’ll find the best converting verticals on various traffic sources, as well as the best converting ads and landing pages, in these spy sessions.

Each week, you can also download the landing sites and ads from these spy sessions.

If you don’t find the vertical or traffic source you’re looking for, just ask and put your requirements in the comments and it will be added next week.


The premium membership on iAmAffiliate is fairly sensible, resulting in a very active community. The value for $49.95 a month is simply incredible; there are hundreds of topics, guides, and case studies that you won’t find anywhere else, especially at this price.


iAmAffiliate is now one of the top premium affiliate marketing forums online. This forum offers a fantastic and helpful community that you may join to quickly increase your skills and earnings.

Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer or a seasoned pro who already makes a living from affiliate marketing, this forum will provide you with a wealth of information to help you improve your business and knowledge, regardless of your skill level.

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