How to Have A Successful Career in Digital Marketing

How to Have A Successful Career in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry is relatively new but with promising opportunities that keep coming up every other day. The digital space is continually evolving with new technologies and tools that keep surfacing. Similarly, the digital marketing sector also is growing with new strategies coming up daily. Therefore, a career in digital marketing means that you always be on your toes as new things are created necessitating the need to expand your knowledge and skills so that you can stay on top of your game.

But given its newness and that it is an attractive industry with a host of opportunities, digital marketing is an extremely competitive field. As such, accessing a chance to work in this profession will not be easy as is evidenced by the “2 years minimum experience” that most employers will emphasize as a top requirement for application. However, that should not deter you from seeking to get a foothold in the industry and climb up the digital ladder. Learn the secrets of resume writing and get your digital marketing career started.

Below are some of the fundamental things you should focus on when considering a career in the lucrative digital marketing space.

Get certified

A degree in Digital marketing is not a top requirement for landing a job in this industry. You can get an opportunity to work in this field if you are a holder of a degree in Business Studies, PR, Journalism, or Sales and Marketing.

However, you better the chances of employment if you get the necessary certifications that are recognized by an accredited body such as the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing). You can take part-time courses that you can complete in a few months. Research the local colleges in your area to see which near you offer such classes.

In as much as you need to take classes, much of the knowledge and skills you will acquire will be through training while on the job. The overall objective of the education is to see you get the qualifications and certificate that will lay the foundation for your career. Moreover, such qualifications are proof that you grasp the theory other than having these reflected on our resume.

Get networking

Having the necessary qualification is one thing when it comes to having a successful career in digital marketing, connecting with local professionals in your industry is another. Attending digital marketing events and being active in those social circles will help you stay current with what new in your industry. It will help you know when new opportunities arise. Moreover, you better the chances of your name coming up when recommendations are being asked for in your field. Furthermore, being around experts, new and seasoned, who are passionate about their work will inspire you to work hard and further your career.

Get a mentor

Immersing yourself fully in digital marketing may prove to be difficult if you are new to it or not working within the industry. You can overcome this hurdle as a novice in the sector by reaching out to a mentor that can teach and guide you. Go for individuals that you admire and have accomplished careers. You can engage with them via email, phone calls, or going out for lunch or coffee. They will advise you on the best strategies, help you identify opportunities for growth, and how to make the best decisions. Be polite when requesting a bit of their precious time.

Get a client

Try your best to start working as soon as possible if you want to overcome the hurdle that is the “2 years minimum experience” requirement when sending applications for job opportunities. You can start building your experience by working for a family member or friend who runs a small business and offers them your expertise in digital marketing, such as optimizing their website, setting up social media channels. It will be a chance to sharpen your skills through practical applications of what you have learned as well as build your resume.

Be a fan

During the job interviews, you are bound to be asked about influential marketers that you may know, admire or follow on social media. It is a question whose intent is to see if you are truly passionate about working in the digital marketing industry. Not knowing the prominent and influential names within the sector only goes to show your stand and passion for this career. You should follow these prominent figures of digital marketing on social media, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and listen to their podcasts. It is a strategy that you can use to stay ahead of the game.

Be an all-rounder

You should have analytical abilities and be creative and utilize these skills in all areas marketing that includes SEO (search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, PPC, and any other field you that you have your hands in that will build your career.

However, you also need to consider concentrating more on in a specific area in as much as you should dip hands in different pots. In short, you should be the kind of digital marketer that have a diversity of knowledge and skills touching on various fields of the digital marketing sector but also have in-depth expertise on one or more specific areas. To do this, you should identify your strengths and know how to leverage them in your profession.

Know and test the tools

Effective digital marketing methods rely on the use of a variety of online tools that include options such as email automation, social media scheduling systems, and SEO checkers among other resources. Expect to be asked about such tools and which you find the most reliable to use regularly. As such, you should do your best to acquaint yourself with these digital marketing resources.

Know the lingo

It is expected for every industry to have gurus or seasoned individuals that use ridiculous jargon, thus do not be surprised to find such in the Marketing, Advertising, and PR sectors. “You should be able to distinguish your SEOs from SEMs and CRs from CPAs” that is one example of jargon you will encounter, and you should learn how to be fluent in such terminologies.

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