How to Buy Advanced Cash Using Funds from Your Payza Wallet

In this article, I am going to show you how to buy Advanced Cash using your funds from your Payza account. Before we start with this tutorial, you might be wondering what is Advanced Cash and why you should even bother opening an account with them.

Before I start though, I want to make a disclaimer first. This is not an Advanced Cash Review and I am not affiliated with them. I just studied them, read a bunch of reviews from other people and I have found a solution to my problem – a problem that other people may have it as well.

What is AdvancedCash

Advanced Cash is an e-wallet just like PayPal, Payza, Skrill etc. You can add it as as a payment processor to your online shop (if you have one), you can withdraw your funds to your virtual or plastic Advanced Cash debit card, you can pay for products to online shops that accept Advanced Cash and you can use your advanced cash funds to exchange them to other currencies.

The Problem with Payza

Payza is a really good payment processor. I have an account with them for over 5 years with no problems. My problem with them was that it was hard to use my funds stored in there for offline spending. I could easily spend my Payza Money online, but I couldn’t spend them offline – not because Payza doesn’t offer a prepaid card – but because of the ridiculously high fees that come with using your Payza prepaid Card.

Look at the image below for the really high fees that you have to pay for using it.

payza fees

Look at these fees !

  • Whenever I withdraw money from an ATM, I have to pay $2.50 ?
  • Whenever I withdraw money from an ATM in euro I have to pay $4.00 extra? WTF?
  • Whenever I want to check my balance I have to pay $1.00?
  • If for any reason the card gets declined I get to buy $1.00?
  • I get charged $12.00 per year ($1.00 per month) just for having it?

These fees are way to high for me.

With Advanced Cash’s prepaid card, fees are much lower. No maintenance fees, no withdrawal fees, no nothing. Here is a list with advancedcash’s fees. 

This is why I decided to move all my funds to Advanced Cash.

How to move your funds from Payza to Advanced Cash.

Click the following link to buy Advanced Cash with Payza. It will lead you to, a website that allows you to exchange  different e-currencies with one each other.

For example, if you have a Perfect Money account but you can’t withdraw money from your Perfect Money account to your bank account, you can exchange your Perfect Money funds to Payza or Payeer or Advanced Cash funds and then withdraw your money to your bank account or load your prepaid card.

The same goes for many other pairs. In my case It was to transfer my Payza funds to my Advanced Cash e-wallet. I couldn’t send the funds directly from Payza to Advanced Cash. So after a little bit of search, I found and did my job.

At first I wasn’t very sure if this website was legit. After searching on trustpilot for reviews, I noticed that has a 9.2 out of 10 customer satisfaction score from a whopping 1590 unique reviews (as of writing this post). So, without a second thought, I opened an account and I completed the transfer of my Payza founds to my AdvancedCash e-wallet.

Below is a screenshot on the steps you need to take to buy Advanced Cash using your Payza funds.

paybis example
  1. Choose Payza on the right panel.
  2. Choose Advanced Cash (USD or EUR) on the left panel.
  3. Input the amount you want to exchange.
  4. Click the Start Transaction button.

As simple as that.

Advanced Cash is a real game changer and I urge everyone to have a look at it. Again, I am not affiliated with them (neither with and I am only providing this solutions to people that might have the same issues with me.

What are your thoughts on this article? Did you like it? Do you want to add something that I forgot to mention? Have you used Advanced Cash or do you have a better solution? I would really love to listen to your comments and your feedback below.


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