5 Parameters That Help You To Determine The Worth Of Your Content

Are you struggling with the worth of your content? Content writing can be difficult if you are making some mistakes. 

According to a digital marketing community, 98% of marketers agree that written content is the most valuable type of content for them.

However, 3% of them agree on the fact that their content writing is ineffective to some extent. Maybe you are one of them, or you may not even know what mistakes are affecting the value of your content.

The worth of content depends on multiple parameters. Sometimes, we unintentionally neglect them, resulting in poor search engine ranking. If you are experiencing the same thing, do not worry. 

In this article, we will discuss some hidden parameters that help us make our content admirable. If you want to explore them, keep on reading.

5 Parameters Towards Admirable Content

  1. Compelling Headings

Compelling headings are the forerunner to your content’s worth. Let’s say if 100 visitors are visiting your blog post, 80% of them will read the headings, and only 20% will read whatever is inside them.

Isn’t it interesting? You can change the traffic ratio to your site just by writing compelling headings. If your blog is not getting enough traffic maybe you are not writing strong headings.

People today are busy, they do not have enough time to read 1000 words articles. They want shortcuts, if you give them what they are looking for, you will get what you are looking for. 

If you do not know how to write strong headings, remember one golden rule. Always make use of ‘W’ words in your headings.

Like ‘Why you should,’ ‘When you should,’ and ‘What you should.’ If we take the example of Facebook, the posts with ‘W’ words are shared on a good scale.

  1. Hold the power of an interesting introduction

Writing compelling and strong headings is one thing. How can you get your readers to read on? That’s a question you should think about.

Obviously, you do not want people to click on your blog and then leave without reading it. The first thing you can do to grab your readers’ attention is to write an interesting introduction.

Motivational gurus always say that if you want to get readers’ attention, you should start with a bang. That’s it! If your introduction does not grab the readers’ attention right away, they will not stick with it.

The best thing that can help you write an interesting introduction is to jump right to what your title promises. 

If you are reading this article now, the introduction has certainly caught your attention. So, you need to write a catchy introduction to make sure that the content is admirable.

  1. Uniqueness is the key

Once you are done with compelling headings and a catchy introduction, your next step is to write unique content.

No one wants to read what is already there. If you want your readers to abandon their search and stick with your content, you need to work on making your content unique.

If you are taking a piece of your content directly from Google, try to write it in your own words, in a very simple and thorough way.

Try to provide as much actionable information as possible, and do not rush your words. Use them wisely when necessary. 

One thing that will help you determine if your content is unique or duplicated is to check plagiarism. You can use a plagiarism detector when you finish writing an article or blog. 

5 Parameters That Help You To Determine The Worth Of Your Content

The plagiarism checkers help writers find duplicate text and give them a chance to remove it before publishing.

  1. Write your content with a narrow focus

Let us say you search on Google for the five best Dell laptops under $500 and come across the first result that appears after you press enter.

Now you read the article and find three laptops for $700 and two for $500. What will be your reaction? You will surely leave the site and look for another result, right? 

Similarly, if you write an article without focusing on the main idea you will lose your readers. That is bad for your site.

Your approach should be to write content that focuses on the central idea. Write in a natural flow, your content must be symmetrical from introduction to the conclusion.

Do not go beyond the focus of your main heading, and provide information that you promise in your content main heading or title.

If you stick to the basics when writing the content, you have a good chance of delivering only a valuable piece of information to your readers.

  1. Write to provide knowledge 

Let us say someone searches on Google for tips to increase their website’s domain authority and finds your article titled ‘The five best tips to increase domain authority.’

If your article contains only tips, but no information about how to implement those tips, your content is useless to your readers.

Readers want complete information about what they are looking for. If you do not provide the complete information you promised, you are not doing your readers justice.

Lack of knowledge will make you pay in many bad ways. You may lose your readers for a lifetime. Maybe your readers will never consider your site again for their future searches.

And worst of all, they may share bad reviews on your site which will make other people think twice before reading your article.

To save yourself from such consequences, you should find a good approach for writing compelling content. Always consider your readers’ intentions while writing.

Remember that you are writing for your readers. They do not have the slightest idea about the topic you are writing about. So write fairly and thoroughly.

Last Words 

Great content is more than just writing, if you want to write content that stands out on Google you need to focus on some content writing parameters.

In this article, we have discussed the five content writing parameters that will help writers gain the worth of their writing. 

Hope it will help you!

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