Clixsense Vs Neobux: The Search For The Best PTC Website.

If you are searching for reviews about ptc websites and trying to figure out, which is the best ptc website out there for you to join, then you’ve stumbled upon a gold mine my friend.

[toc]Why, you may ask?

Because this post is going to compare the 2 top ptc websites in the industry which – at the moment – are  Clixsense and Neobux

My goal is to help you decide – with an easy to understand methods – which one is the best ptc website.

Now, to figure this out, I have created a points system that will award 10 points to the first and 5 points to the second for each feature that I compare between the two paid to click websites.

This is like reviewing the 2  top ptc websites in a single post.

So, which one is the best ptc website? Well, let’s figure this out.

 NOTE: You can click on any link on the table of contents to your left to scroll to the section of the post you want to read without leaving this page. 


Number Of Years Online

The first feature we are going to compare in our quest for the best ptc website is how many years each website has been active. Which one of the two is the oldest?

This is very important because it helps us understand which of the two ptc websites has been online longer – hence paying its members for the most time.

Note: The data below was taken from the website.

clixsense logoDecember 29, 20067 Years and 8 Months10
neobux logoMarch 10, 20086 Years and 5 Months5

It seems that Clixsense is 15 months older than Neobux which makes Clixsense in this ”duel” , the winner.

Number Of Active Members

Here we will compare the active users each one of the two ptc websites has. This will allow us to see, which ptc website is more popular and trusted among the get paid to click industry.

PTCNumber of Active MembersPoints
clixsense logoOver 3 940 00010
neobux logo?? No one knows ??5

Neobux has never revealed the amount of active users it has on its website This is kind of behavior is suspicious to me.

If you search online many users say that they have over 10 000 000 members, which for me this something hard to believe.

On the other hand Clixsense seems that it has nothing to hide. On their login page they have a big banner showing in real-time how many members they have and how much money they have paid to them.

clixsense review: Screenshot of the amount of active members clixsense currently has.


Here we will see which of the two get paid to click websites have the most languages available for its users.

This is important because there are people who don’t know very good English and they feel more comfortable using a website in their own language.

PTCMultilingualNo of Available LanguagesPoints
clixsense logoNo15
neobux logoYes910

In this ”duel” Neobux is the winner. Neobux is translated in 9 different languages including Greek, Portuguese, Spanish,Polish,Finland, Swedish, German and French.

On the other hand Clixsense is available only in English.



If a paid to click website does not have an active forum then run away from it as far as you can.

clixsense logoYES10
neobux logoYES10

It seems that both websites have an active forum that’s why both of them will get 10 points.

Browser Plugin

This is a very important feature that only the best ptc sites have it.

This feature allows ptc users to  get notifications to their browsers, immediately when an advertisement or task is available, without being logged to their accounts.

That means that you can earn more money because you will never miss an available advertisement or task.

PTCBrowser PluginPoints
clixsense logoYES10
neobux logoYES10

Both websites have tClixsense clixaddon screenshotheir own browser plugin so they both earn 10 points.

In the case of Neobux their plugin is called AdAlert and Clixsense’s browser plugin is called The Clixaddon™ .

NOTE: This is a screenshot on Clixsense’s Clixaddon™ that shows how their plugin appears when advertisements tasks or surveys are available and how it unfolds when you click on it.


Cost Of Upgrade

Probably one of the most important things that you have to consider before choosing which ptc website you are going to join.

In this table we will see which of the two ptc websites offers the cheapest upgrade and how much does each upgrade costs.

PTCUpgrade CostPoints
clixsense logo$1710
neobux logo$905

WOW ! There is a  530%  difference between the two upgrade prices with Clixsense being the cheapest,

Here my friend is where you sit down and ptc - a Man who thinks on joining Clixsense

”Am I willing paying $90 per year or am I willing paying only $17 ?”

You might be thinking that Neobux is probably offering a lot more to its upgraded members rather than Clixsense – that’s why there is so much difference to the price.

This is not the case because I’ve studied both of the upgrading features and Clixsense’s upgrade features are more.

You can read them by your self here: ClixsenseNeobux

Multiple Upgrade Levels

Now another (bad) feature that many ptc websites have (and I hate it ) is the multiple upgrade level feature.

That means that there are more than one levels of upgrade available, each one giving you more and more stuff every time.

This feature is not necessary a good feature as I will explain you right after below the comparison table.

PTCMultiple UpgradesNo of UpgradesPoints
clixsense logoNO110
neobux logoYES65

As I said before, I hate ptc websites that have this feature because it is a complete rip-off in my opinion.

Why, you may ask?

It’s simple..

best ptcNeobux_upgrade_rip_offTaking as an example Neobux, in order for you to meet the most out of the ptc website you’ve joined you will have to upgrade your self 6 times.

Do you have any idea how much will these 6 upgrades cost you every year?

 $890 Each and Every Year ! 

No, I am not making jokes here..

This is a screenshot taken from Neobuxe’s website. In order for you to unlock all Premium features you have to spend $890 per year my friend, and you are still not going to get the premium features that – in our case – Clixsense offers with only $17 per year.

Earning Money

Number Off Available Ads Every Day

Here we will see how many advertisements are available per day on the two ptc websites. The more the available advertisements for you to click on, the more the money you’ll earn per day.

PTCNumber Of Daily Ads
(No Upgraded
Members That
Live In The USA)
clixsense logo3010
neobux logo225

On Clixsense there are available minimum 30 advertisements per day. People that live in the United States are reporting that they are earning $0.30 per day only from clicking advertisements.

Neobux delivers a lot of advertisements as well, but not as much as Clixsense, so the 10 points go to Clixsense.

Number Of Methods To Earn Money

Here we will look at the number of earning money methods each ptc website has available.

PTCMethods To Earn
clixsense logo710
neobux logo65

Clixsense Offers to tis members 7 different methods to earn money:

  • Clixgrid
  • Watching advertisements
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Offers
  • Completing Surveys
  • Earning from Your Direct Referrals
  • Getting Paid From Your Daily Bonus

NOTE: If you wish to learn more on what each method is, read this post.

Neobux Offers 6 methods:

  • Watching advertisements
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Offers
  • Earning from Your Direct Referrals
  • AdPrize
  • Earning From Rented Referrals

With 7 methods to earn money instead of 6,  Clixsense is once again the winner in this ”fight”

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Rented Referrals

Renting Referrals is actually a scamming method for ptc websites to earn more money. The reason is because the rented referrals are actually bots programmed to click on advertisements.

bestp tc website - renting referalls are bots

Here is an example:

Let’s say, you spend $20 to buy 100 rented referrals for 30 days.

Normally you expect to earn more than $20 to make a profit and rent more referrals.

Instead, at the end of the month you earn $18 or $19 or even $17 (instead anything more than $20) leaving you with a loss of $1, $2 or $3 every time.

The webmasters will profit $1 – $3 every time a user ”rents” referrals.

I’ve dealt with rented referrals since I started using ptc websites and it took me 5 to 6 months to realize what was going on.

If I haven’t convinced you yet,then check this website:

I am sure that you jaws will drop to the floor.

To close this up, I consider this feature as something bad not something good.

PTCRented ReferralsPoints
clixsense logoNO10
neobux logoYES5

The 10 points will go once a gain to Clixsense because it does not have that scam feature.

For your own good, please DO NOT RENT REFERRALS !

Direct Referrals Restrictions

Now, would you like to hear that your ptc website does not allow you to refer more than 100 people unless you upgrade?

Unfortunately, Neobux has this stupid feature.

PTCDirect Referrals
Number of Direct
clixsense logoNOUnlimited10
neobux logoYES1005

The reason is to force people to buy the – first out of seven – $90 upgrade.

On the other hand Clixsense allows you to refer as many people as you want without any restrictions.

Affiliate Program

In this table we will compare the affiliate programs of Clixsense and Neobux.

PTCStandard MembersPremium MembersPoints
clixsense logo1 Level Deep8 Level Deep10
neobux logo1 Level Deep1 Level Deep5

As you can see in the table above, both ptc websites offer to their standard members the chance to earn affiliate commissions from their level 1 direct referrals only.

I gave the 10 points to Clixsense though because it offers to its members the possibility to earn affiliate commissions from 8 levels deep by just upgrading to a premium account while Neobux only offfers affiliate commissions to level 1 only even if you upgrade.

 Click Here to Read All The Benefits Of Clixsense Affiliate Program 


Payment Threshold & Time

Probably the most important part of the equation.

Payments !

In the following table we will see who offers the best cash out terms and it will give us answer on two very important questions:

  • How much do  I have to earn in order cash out?
  • How often can I ask a cash out?
PTCCash Out
(Standard Members)
Cash Out
(Premium Members)
Cash out availabilityPoints
clixsense logo$8$62 Times Per Week (Monday and Friday5
neobux logo$2 (increasing $1 per cash out until reach $10)$2 (increasing $1 per cash out until reach $10)Instant10

NOTE: The minimum amount paid on Neobux is $2.00 on the first cash out. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cash out you make until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00. After that, the minimum amount will always be $10.00

The winner in this case is Neobux due to the instant cash out feature that I believe it is ”stronger” than the two times per week.

Also the $2 cash out (although it increases until it reaches $10) is better than $6 cash outs on Clixsense.

And The Winner is..

Here is a table showing with all the features that we compared between Clixsense and Neobux along with the points they received for each feature.

This will help you even more decide which one is the best..

Featureclixsense logoneobux logo
Number Of Years
10 points5 points
Number of Active
10 points5 points
Multilingual5 points10 points
Forum10 points10 points
Browser Plugin10 points10 points
Upgrade Cost10 points5 points
Multiple Upgrade10 points5 points
Number of Daily Ads10 points5 points
Number of Ways To
Earn Money
10 points5 points
Rented referrals10 points5 points
Direct Referrals Restrictions10 points5 points
Affiliate Program10 points5 points
Cash out5 points10 points
Payment Threshold5 points10 points
TOTAL:125 Points95 points

And The Winner Is CLIXSENSE !

Clixsense has won the competition and it is the best ptc website compared to Neobux.

So, what do you think about this post?

Did it help you to make a good decision whether joining Clixsense or Neobux?

If I forget to add something to this Clixsense Vs Neobux: the best ptc website post or if I made any mistakes please leave a comment below and lets start the conversations qoing.

Also, if you really liked this post, make sure to share it with your friends. I’m sure they will appreciate the fact that you share great stuff with them.

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Best PTC Website? Clixsense Vs Neobux
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15 thoughts on “Best PTC Website? Clixsense Vs Neobux

  • 04/02/2015 at 7:06 pm

    “I have an idea. I’ll make a comparison between two sites by giving them scores. The scores will only be 5 and 10. My review will be the best.”

    If you really thought that was a good idea… then good going.

    • 04/02/2015 at 10:06 pm

      I understand that you don’t like my comparison article between Neobux and Clixsense, but I don’t understand why you don’t like it…

      It is a VS post between two websites from the same sector. If you have a better idea on how I should have rated each feature, then please speak up.

      I would really love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. Maybe your idea will be better.. I’m willing to do any necessary changes if you prove me wrong.

  • 18/02/2015 at 8:58 pm

    I agree Clixsense is good and so is Neobux. I was reading you said the renting process is a scam that’s wrong. I have a lot of rr on NeoBux and I have dr that earn me. I am a Ultimate member and I earn well make profit never loose.. If you read the forums you will find my posts of success. work163 and also other members earn huge form rr, I seen it. I also have referrals I guide on NeoBux. I help people earn. These 2 PTC will stay for good proved Long-levity. Nothing Legit is going to be fast. I also have a part time job along with all the ptc I do. I also own my website for Neobux I promote.

    • 19/02/2015 at 1:10 am


      Rented Referrals are bots period.

      I’ve been a member to neobux before and I know first hand how the process RR process works.

      The ones who are profitable with their Rented Referrals are Ultimate Members, like you.

      How much money are you paying per year to be Ultimate?

      $890 isn’t that right?

      Well, neobux has to make you profitable in order to buy again and again the ultimate membership plan.

      It makes all the other Neobux users unprofitable with their RR in order to make Ultimate members profitable.

      Please read the article here about RR. There are undeniable proofs that RR are actually BOTS.

      • 13/04/2017 at 3:34 am

        Haha… Where’s the proof that rrs are bots??? i doubt it. im not paying anything in neobux and im earning tons from rrs. neobux is better. check out online reviews.

  • 19/02/2015 at 1:44 am

    Well there a lot of members that make profit I know some and I never loose profit either. Have you seen reggan666 his 22k+ cashout? Ik rr are bots but I still earn I even have direct referrals that earn me and I don’t just focus on rr because I want to earn in both ways. Clicksense doesn’t trust rr they believe in directs which is good. ClixSense 8 level referral program makes it number 1 and neobux number 2. Neobux takes time to earn building rr hope you know that anything legit takes time. I so far have 4 upgrades on my second level on clix I am a premium member. I have referrals that promote and I earn. I planned out once I build the set amount of rr on neobux that I want and extend them for 240 days on profit I will promote ClixSense because it’s 8 level referrals program is amazing.

    • 09/03/2015 at 3:29 pm

      They earn because hell lot of active DRs, or in other words almost all members of neobux is under them lol. How can you earn from RRs who are not clicking consistently. Out of let’s say 25 RR only around 5 will click lmao and you don’t even know until when they will click because they are bots. Clixsense is the only website where I earn even without referrals, because of tasks and offers. Neobux offers won’t even pay lol.

      • 09/03/2015 at 5:12 pm

        Totally agree with you Joharra. I tested Neobux’s Rented Referrals system at my early stages on PTC and I never got more than what I’ve invested. I bought a ton of ebooks with so called ”strategies” (all of them were worthless btw) and I’ve tested everything with no success. Rented Referrals is a scam and no one should ever invest on them.

        • 09/03/2015 at 5:27 pm

          We’ll everyone different neobux is not a scam I make profit from my RR because I use a certain method to get good clicks my average is 0.71 giving me 30+ per day with 4000 rr and my rr and dr are growing. Neobux and ClixSense are the best ptc I also have ClixSense refs to I earn in all directions even at my job.I do ClixSense surveys those pay well too. I earn in neobux every 5 mins the account grows.neobux pays instant and it’s here to stay legit.i am mentoring people in neobux my method to get profit works well. Maybe neo bux isn’t for you neobux takes time and patience nothing legit is fast..

  • 12/04/2015 at 12:37 am

    Woot, nice post!
    I’ve been on both ClixSense and NeoBux for a year now but I definitely prefer ClixSense. For those interested in clicking less and earning more, I bought a really nice bot for ClixSense (botresources . com) I can’t recommand enough.
    Keep writing 🙂

  • 20/07/2015 at 10:36 pm

    I was expecting to find a deeper analysis, for example, tasks pay a bit more in Neobux (right now, I can give you two examples: One related to finding lawyer names pay 10 cents and 8 cents, respectively; another asking your opinion about some chinese music pays 8 and 7). So, say you are one of those persons spending the whole day microtasking, you manage to complete, say, 100 hundred of those tasks, let’s assume that the difference is only 1 cent, you are getting 1 USD less! Even if you manage to get the daily bonus, you are still earning way less. Not to say that in highest paying tasks (30+cents/each) the difference is even bigger.

    Now, as you earn less, your referrals will also earn less and you will get less comissions.

    • 25/07/2015 at 3:34 pm


      Thanks for your comment but you are wrong.

      Clixsense or Neobux or any other PTC website have nothing to do with the amount of money each task pays.

      Also, tasks do not have a fixed price. Each task may pay from $0.01 to $0.10 . So, it is wrong to say that Neobux tasks pay more than Clixsense tasks because tasks on both sites are provided by Crowdflower. The ptc websites are just a trustfull site for people to go and complete them.

      And for proving that you are wrong, here is a screenshots from my Clixsense account that I took today that show how much money each task is paying.

      completing tasks online on Clixsense

  • 30/10/2016 at 5:15 pm

    Thanks buddy. Its helpful for the worker who wants to earn from online and ptc site.

  • 02/01/2017 at 2:57 am

    And yeah even in 2017 i still read this and i really like it , honestly what i liked that u mr writer u didnt said that neobux is a scame , truly it is a gold mine but only for those who paid thousands of dollars for them but the RR system is the real scame , well ive a request if only u can show us a simple easy strategy in clixsense to gain some cash , thank you


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