6 Easy Ways to Get Huge Discounts

Everybody loves a good bargain. Even the richest people can still probably appreciate the word ‘discount’. More often than not, though, these discounts come few and far between.

Unless you buy in bulk at all times – which is impractical and would require huge storage space – discounts are only available to most of us on special occasions throughout the year.

But we have a set of awesome tips and tricks right here that will help you grab more discounts than you ever had in your lifetime. Read up, take notes, and use these tricks on your next shopping spree!

  1. Get memberships. Those pesky loyalty card offers may not be so pesky after all. These memberships are a treasure trove of discount opportunities! Aside from earning you loyalty ‘points’ that you can claim usually at the end of the year, these membership cards also entitle you to some exclusive perks and discounts. These discounts also include birthday perks – which may or may not come in the form of coupons – not to mention getting first news of the company’s newsletters and sale announcements.
  2. Subscribe to discount voucher websites. The internet is full of websites that offer discount codes and coupons. Keep track of them and subscribe to them for discounts on practically anything you can buy in online stores. A good place to sign up to is totaldiscounts.co.uk where you can find some exclusive deals on your favourite brands.
  3. Keep discount-hunting apps. Ever heard of the quote, ‘there’s an app for that’? Apparently, it applies to discounts as well! There are tons of discount applications that let you know of the latest discounts, sales, and discount vouchers for the brands and stores that you follow. Check out Google Play Store and the Apple Store for these apps and never miss out on a sale ever again!
  4. Keep discounted gift cards. Here’s a fact: tons of people buy gift cards that they end up never using them. And a lot of these gift cards end up on cheap discount card stores online where they retain the same shopping value but are sold for a much, much lower price which then makes your purchases significantly lower than if you were to directly buy them from the store. You can find a list of some of these sites here. But as with anything that is online, take some precautions on where you buy the gift cards. Just as there are countless opportunities for savings on the internet, there are as many hoaxes as well.
  5. Negotiate whenever you can. It may sound a little unconventional in many shopping platforms, but if truth be told, haggling for prices is as old as humanity itself. You don’t have to come off as the creepy shopper that people feature on Weird TV. A simple question can lead to so many opportunities. Ask the cashier if there are any discounts for the item you are interested in, or the sales representative for discounts on multiple purchases. Heck you can even ask the manager if a last-season item can be sold at a discounted fee! Never be too afraid to ask.6 ways to get huge discounts 2
  6. Leave your online shopping cart and come back for it later. Shopping online? Don’t proceed to checkout right away! As many discount bloggers and experts have proven, certain brands offer price cuts if you leave your items in the shopping cart for two to three days. The store will think that you have changed your mind about making a purchase and abandoned your items in the cart. In an attempt to win you back, stores will offer you attractive discounts to make you push through with the purchase. However, this feature is not always available in every web store so experimenting is key.Try out these steps the next time you go shopping! You’ll never know how much you can save from being a resourceful shopper.

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