The Power of Remarketing in PPC (Infographic)

Wise business owners and digital marketers competing in the very competitive world on Internet marketing make use of both organic and paid online marketing channels. With Google controlling 67% of the search engine market in the United States, it is but logical for these marketers and business owners to do so.

The Google Display Network on the other hand has the capability of reachingย up to 92% of all online trafficย in the United States, proving how effective display advertising can be for promoting your business โ€“ any business โ€“ online. Google now makes it possible for digital marketers to conduct Remarketing โ€“ basically showing your display ads repeatedly to online users who have already visited your site or clicked on your ad.ย Googleย allows you to generate a special code using Adwords.

So, wherever they may be within the network of websites in the Google Display Network, variation of your ads will repeatedly be shown to them. This is a very efficient and effective system of marketing your brand to highly targeted audiences, boosting your conversions and revenues as well as hastening your ROI.

Such is the power ofย Remarketing in PPCย and the following will tell you more about how your business can benefit from Remarketing.

Power of Remarketing in PPC infographic
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