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Modern Millionaires & How to earn by flipping leads?

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Most businesses make the mistake of using fancy words like organic traffic, social selling, viral content, or pay per click, when they are trying to sell online marketing services to a local business. A local business isn’t interested in any of this. This is all too complicated for them. There’s just one thing that will get them to sit and start listening to your offer. 

And that is “the leads”.

For local businesses, a lead is a potential customer who is actively looking for a product or service that they are selling. Leads are the most valuable thing for a business and there’s no chance that they will turn you down when you go to them with leads in hand. If you can generate leads for a business, you can be sure of getting clients. 

This is not an easy “money-making scheme” though. You need to learn how to generate leads and how to turn those leads into clients. And Modern Millionaires training program can teach you how to do it. 

5 reasons you need to consider this course:

  1. Unlike other courses which are focusing on teaching you SEO or online marketing, this course will not beat around the bush. It goes straight to the point and that is how to start generating leads.
  1. There’s no magic formula or so-called hacks (because they don’t work). Instead, it focuses on using paid ads to get target customers. The thing is, you can fail to get results with SEO or Social Media, but you will always get some results with Pay per click ads on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. The only thing you need to learn is to get a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 
  1. The course teaches you how to set up the business including some detailed information on managing tax returns and all. This is invaluable information because without a proper foundation, you will not be able to get any business off the ground.
  1. Even if the actual model of selling leads to local businesses doesn’t work for you. You will still be able to work as a PPC manager with a good salary or payment package and recover the cost of course in a few months. In other words, you are learning a skill with real demand, and not just some trick that might or might not work.
  1. You will be a part of a community with real people getting real results. This is very important because no course can cover all roadblocks or bottlenecks. If you are facing a unique challenge, you can always go back to your community and benefit from other members’ experience.

3 reasons you should not consider this course:

  1. Do not consider this course (or any other course) if you are looking to make some quick or easy money. There’s a lot of work involved. You will have to set up a proper business from scratch and that is not easy unless you have the patience and persistence.
  1. Do not consider if you don’t have the time and aptitude to “learn” new skills. The course doesn’t require technical knowledge but you will have to spend some hours going through the videos or training material. 
  1. The training program is not cheap. You shouldn’t be looking for a training program that is not affordable. If you don’t have the money. Spend some time on doing freelance work or simple gigs on Fiverr as a side hustle to save. Once you have saved enough, you can think of investing on a high-ticket training program like Modern Millionaire. 

You do not necessarily need to go for a paid course. If you have a lot of time and patience, you can also learn all this yourself but that will take a lot of time. Start from offering Local SEO and PPC services and polish your skills before getting to the lead flipping business.

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