How to Be More Focused as a Business Builder


Building a business is tough going and requires a lot of focus and insight. Improving your ability to concentrate on one thing can make a huge difference and here are some tips on how to do so.

One Thing at a Time

Don’t try to work on everything at once. Choose one project to focus on and then dive into it. When you have too many projects going on at the same time, it will have you running in several directions, making it difficult to complete anything.

Plan Your Day

Before you sit down at your desk, take a piece of paper and plan out your day. Create a list of the tasks you need to accomplish. Each item should be a project that you want to complete. After you’re done with each task you can celebrate your accomplishment and move on to the next.

So, instead of checking your email first, why not try accomplishing a harder task from your list. As the day goes on, your brain gets tired. Use your brainpower to its fullest ability and accomplish your hard tasks early in the day.

Administrative tasks, like email, require less focus, so you can do them later in the day. In the mind map below, is the plan outline of this post. I’d recommend creating a mind map to plan your various projects, or to help you plan your day. There’s a cool Mind Mapping company, Mindmeister, that can help you create free digital mind maps.

Revenue Generating Activities versus Minimum Wage Activities.

If you want to bring in sales you need to focus on the big picture. Marketing and sales can be some of your most productive business projects. They can help you bring in more money.

If you can, hire out administrative tasks. Consider hiring a college intern or virtual assistant to complete the minimum wage activities for your business. Sitting at your desk filing, responding to emails, or organizing material is not going to building your business.


Many repetitive tasks can be automated. I get utility bills, phone bills, and invoices every month that must be taken care of. I don’t send a check manually to each one. I have each account enrolled in automated bill paying. Automation makes my life easier.

You can apply automation to many routine tasks. You can use Aweber to set up an auto-responder for your email newsletter list. If you sell eBooks, a company like Ejunkie or Clickbank can automatically send your product to customers after they order.

Better Foods and Vitamins

The food you eat makes a big difference and brain foods are the ones that will help you concentrate on the task at hand and get things done. Omega 3 and 6 among a whole array of other foods can be consumed through vitamin and mineral tablets. If you want to take things up a notch then using a product that is scientifically formulated for focus. If you’ve ever seen the film Limitless, where the fictional pill NZT-48 is used, you will get an idea of the benefits of better mental performance. These sorts of supplements can cut out the brain fog and help you reach peak mental performance.

Take Action

One major part of getting focused is taking action and working towards your goals. While you want to spend some time reading and learning, you have to make sure to take action on what you’ve learned.

Many people suffer from information overload from the amount of information available. This causes them to focus more time than necessary on research and talking about the information they’ve discovered. Instead of talking about your plans and ideas, take a step forward and “Get Stuff Done.” As you focus on getting stuff done, you’ll find it much easier to build your business. Here are some good tips to stop procrastinating

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