How Good Logo Design Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

A good logo design sets the standard for your company. When I hear business owners say that they are looking to increase their brand awareness, I always recommend that they hire a professional graphic design agency.

As you may know, the internet has made it assessable for almost anyone that is willing to put in the effort to make money from home.

Whether you are looking to start a small business from your house, or you want to start selling products and services through affiliate marketing, you must understand that there are thousands of people trying to do the exact same thing as you.

This means that competition has never been higher! However, it also means that the market has never been larger, which means that there are more opportunities for more entrepreneurs to make more money.

If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to set yourself apart from the rest. How do you differentiate yourself from the amateurs?

By evaluating your target marketing and identifying what they value in a brand. You can take note of what your competitors are doing to see how they focus on what they are good at. Good businesses are able to capitalize on their core business values and generate profits to invest in new ventures.

Logo is Your Brands Foundation

A good logo design is the foundation of your brand, so it is important that you hire a graphic design agency that knows what they are doing. While it may seem like designing your own logo is a good idea, having a poor design can result in your company going unnoticed by consumers. Businesses that make the effort to invest in their branding see results.

Branding and positioning go hand in hand. Have you ever noticed how car manufacturers often produce several brands – standard cars and luxury cars? This is because there are different markets for different niches. People have different wants and needs when they are shopping for services.

I recently came across Empirical Designs, a creative agency located in New York, that runs a blog that further discusses how graphic design can add value to your brand. As a successful business owner for over thirty years, two quotes really stuck out to me –

“First impressions are everything, so having a logo that captures the consumer’s’ attention is essential.”

I can’t stress how important this is! Realistically, you only have about 10 seconds to capture a persons’ attention on the internet before they are moving on towards the next product/service.  This is a big reason why good website design can cost upward of $5-10,000 dollars. Agencies go through countless hours of testing to optimize their websites in order to increase conversions.

“When it comes to communicating with your audience, graphic design and marketing help create unity between your brand and the messages you want to communicate. “

There are so many Fortune 500 companies that are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into graphic design, marketing and advertising.

Why you ask?

Because it pays off.  When you have a logo design that is able to grab attention, especially in a competitive niche, you are more likely to present yourself as a trustworthy brand.  

Brand awareness is difficult to measure accurately, but if your sales are increasing exponentially I’d say you’re on the right track. If something makes you money, figure out how to scale it. Remember – it takes money to make money.

Bottom Line

There are several ways to find a graphic designer online, such as using Google or any other search engine. You can hire a local designer or hire a freelancer online. I always recommend hiring a local graphic designer. That way, you can build a long-lasting relationship if you need to work down the line.

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