46 Tips on How To Optimize Your CTA Button for Better Conversions (Infographic)

One little button on your website can make or break you. The call to action is the little monster that plays a crucial role in determining your conversion rate. Pay attention to optimizing it and you will smile all the way to the bank. Below, is a short list of ways to help you optimize your CTA button:

Here are the Top 5 ( you can still see the other 41 in the infographic below)

1) Colour

Colour! Colour! Colour! I can’t emphasize enough just how important the right colour is. Select colours that stand out and are bright enough to attract attention and ensure the font does not clash with the background.

The colour that has greatest success in increasing conversions is red. Performable can attest to this when they recorded an increase in conversions by 25% when they changed their call to action buttons to red.

2) Keep it Simple

Here, simplicity is exactly what is needed. Several websites have placed ridiculous additions to their call to action buttons, such as arrows, images or even CSS effects in the name of making it stand out. Statistics prove that websites with simple call to action buttons have a higher conversion rate that the overly decorated ones.

To be honest I think it makes perfect sense as one may be unable to isolate the right button to click if the design is complicated. BeemDigital tested two call to action buttons, one was overly decorated with arrows while the other was simple and straightforward. The simple one performed way better.

3) Size Matters

The size of the button also matters. Ensure it is not too big as it would appear weird and misplaced. Make sure it is also not too small to be identified and clicked on.

When working with site building platforms, be that an advanced WordPress theme or the likes of Wix or Shopify first study the design. The layouts of modern templates usually are made to a very high standard, which is great in itself but can lead to funnily looking pages if you go overboard with the resizing.

Try to keep thing proportionate and well-aligned without sacrificing the visibility of the CTA button.

4) Ensure it appears clickable

Since the CTA is a button, it has to appear clickable to the customer viewing your website. Here are some characteristic that make the call to action button attractive and easy to click:

  • Rectangular shape

  • Clearly defined boundaries

  • Contrasting colour around them

5) Make it the next obvious step and ensure it makes sense

A call to action is part of the flow within the conversion funnel. It is part of the steps a customer takes while determining whether or not to purchase your goods or services. Make sure it’s position and location make clear sense.

Use call to action that are also directly related to the product. Crazy Egg was able to increase their conversion rate by 20% when they changed their call to action from ‘See plans and pricing’ to ‘Show me my heatmap’.

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