Has your website been hacked? Here is how you can recover it

With the growing advances in technology, there are a large number of privacy and security concerns that bother every business. If you have an online business, you might be worried about the website and its security at all times. However, there is a solution to every problem and you can ensure that you recover the website even if it has been hijacked. Here are a few straightforward and effective ways in which you can recover your hacked website.

Contact the domain registrar:

The moment you realize that your web domain has been hijacked, you need to contact the domain registrar. The registrar is the company where you had your domain registered and they can help you with it. You need to inform them that your domain has been transferred without your knowledge and they might require you to answer a few questions based on which they will help you recover the domain.

Dispute Resolution:

It might not be possible for the registrar to recover your domain at all times. If you do not have enough evidence of the hijack, the domain registrar might not be in a position to help you. In this case, you are only left with one option. You need to file a lawsuit.  It is advisable to visit the Internet of Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers so that you gin adequate information about how to resolve this issue and then hire domain name internet lawyers who have experience and expertise in the field.

Prevent future hijacking:

Once the dispute is resolved, you need to ensure that you prevent such circumstances from happening in the future. There are various ways you can avoid domain hijacking. You need to choose a dependable company as your registrar and work with only those companies which are registered and trusted in the industry.

Keep the domain registration information secure and choose tricky passwords. Never share them with others and have an email address through which you can retrieve the password if you lose it. If your domain registration has expired, there are higher chances of hijacking. Hence renew the registration on time and lock the domain name so that unwanted domain transferring can be prevented.

Your business is based on the domain hence it is very important to keep it secure and private. It is not an easy process to retrieve a hijacked domain as it will cost you time and money. You will have to look for attorneys who can help you with the same and also gather proof that you are a victim of domain hijacking.

If you are able to retrieve it at the earliest, it is best for your business but if it takes a lot of time, you might also lose the business and it could cost you money. Do not share the information with those you do not trust and keep the domain locked so as to prevent any sort of hacking or hijacking.

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