Build the Ultimate Business Thumb Drive with Zetta’s45

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The brilliance behind one of Microsoft Excel’s best known programming teams known as Zetta has reemerged with a new set of Excel-based business tools. 

Zetta, for those who are younger than 25, designed and programmed custom excel tools and templates for business of all sizes and provided easy-to-use business tools to companies all over the world. 

In recent years, small businesses have been forced into paying accountants or consultants hundreds of dollars to create tools like; break-even analysis, pro forma financials, price elasticity, product pricing, and business case modeling. 

Not a programmer? Sounds a bit scary to build these tools on your own, right?  Well, that’s where these guys saved the day.

Build the Ultimate Business Thumb Drive with Zetta’s45

Circa 2010, there was a clear alternative to high-priced consultants monopolizing these critical business tools.  There was Zetta, a small group of international MBAs and VBA programmers with the simple goal of using excel programming language to take the mystery out of these critical business tools and driving up profits. 

Zetta was essentially a team of big thinkers, with a very simple intention; create excel tools for the everyday business person. Their goal; give the world a more productive workday at the lower possible price.  Many of you might remember them as ZettaLogix, or Zettas123.

The word Zetta by the way, is barrowed from mathematics and represents what most people would never ponder.  It represents a decimal unit prefix denoting a factor of 1021 power.  That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (21 zeros for those counting), a number so large it wasn’t added to the International System of Units (ISU) until 1991!  A million-billion, that’s a BIG number. 

The name Zetta was chosen for the symbolism behind 1021.  Their first and most famous set of excel-based business tools emerged as Zetta’s21.  A collection of 21 essential excel-based business tools, that Zetta believed every single business-person should own and carry on a thumb drive.  For less than $50, you could bring an international MBA along with you in your pocket.  Not a bad return on investment, folks!

Team Zetta just released their latest collection, Zetta’s45 Essential Tools Collection.  It’s the ultimate set of excel tools and templates for starting a business, running a business, managing a business, front office templates, personal finance, personal fitness, and  a few extras developed throughout the years.  

All pre-programmed with easy to use instructions included.  And the best part, you get over 45+ tools for an outrageously discounted price of $25 (56% off package price).   

Build the Ultimate Business Thumb Drive with Zetta’s45

That’s fantastic news for those who remember the good ‘ol days of not paying top-dollar for excel-based management tools.    

Download these tools and copy them to build your business thumb drive today, and you will have a much more productive workday and business trip. Once again, brought to you by the Team Zetta.  Our top pick!

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