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The administrator of announced earlier this week that Payoneer – one of the leading online payment methods, announced that the minimum amount Clixsense users should have in their accounts before requesting a withdrawal should be $20.00 instead of $10.00.

This change does not affect Clixsense’s other payment methods. It will only affect people who use Payoneer to withdraw their earnings.

Here is the Announcement as made by Clixsense’s Adminisitrator:

Members, we were notified this morning by Payoneer that they are raising the minimum cashout from $10.00 to $20.00. Effective immediately we can only process cashouts to Payoneer if it’s $20.00 or above.

This does not effect our other cashout methods and is only for those members who use Payoneer.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

It’s not the first time Payoneer’s minimum cashout amount is $20.

A Long time ago, this was the initial minimum amount for Payoneer cashouts. Clixsense made an effort to equal the minimum cash out amount for all the available payment methods to $10.

It succeeded but it seems the Payoneer guys want to bring back their $20 rule.

So, it’s not that big deal if you think of it. I never noticed to be honest that I could withdraw my earnings at $10. I usually withdraw my earnings every time I reach $100.

Here are some more tips when using Payoneer:

  • If you are from Spain, to withdraw money from your Payoneer Account to your Bank Account, you must have $52
  • If you are from Indonesia, you need to have $50 in your Payoneer Account before withdrawing to your bank account.
  • If you are from Italy, the same apply as above. You need to have $50 in your Payoneer account to withdraw to your Bank Account.

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