Adhitz Case Study: Promoting Clixsense Through The Adhitz Network

pavlos giorkas clixsense success adhitz ad

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pavlos giorkas clixsense success adhitz ad

[su_highlight background=”#feff65″]Presenting My Results Through My Adhitz Case Study[/su_highlight]

ℹ️ This blog is reader-supported. When you buy through links on this site, I may earn an affiliate commission without any surcharge to you. This helps me continue offer free and qualiy content for the community. is one of the many advertising channels that I use every month to promote Clixsense and other money-making opportunities or affiliate products.

This post is the first of a number of case studies that I will be publishing from now on, to place you over my shoulder and show you exactly what I do to market my business – Clixsense.

So, in this first Adhitz Case Study you will learn:

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  • My Campaign Settings
  • How my advertisement looked like.
  • My Landing page.
  • My Campaigns Results


So, let’s get started.

Campaign Settings

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On this campaign I didn’t spend much money because I wanted to test a few things first. My total budget for this campaign was only $10 and I’ve set it up to run for 5 days, spending in average $2 per day. advertising model is based on Flat-Rate-PPC, which stands for pay-per-click advertisement with no bidding. That means that when your advertisement gets clicked you are charged a few cents.

Ad Visibility

Instead of choosing specific websites – within the adhitz network – to promote, I chose my advertisement to appear on all the websites that are currently within the adhitz network.


I chose my advertisement to be shown to people from all around the world instead of a specific country. Some advertisers choose their advertisement to be shown only to people from North America. Although this is expected to have more conversions, you get charged a lot more per advertisement click rather than clicks from other countries.

Advertisement Type

As I told you before I wanted to test few things before I spend more money on my campaigns. This is why Instead of placing a banner, I created a text advertisement.

Clixsense Success Adhitz Case Study

How My Advertisement Looked Like

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Clixsense AdvertisementOne of the most important elements of your Clixsense advertising campaign must be the banner you are going to use or in the case that you are using text ads like I do, the words you are going to use. I was targeting people who want to make money online by completing tasks.

The words I used where all straight to the point and they all hide many psychological factors that will grab people’s attention and it will guide them to click on my advertisement.

For Example:

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  • My title says exactly what this is all about. It’s all about completing online tasks for money.
  • It is Free To Join. Something that influence people decision.
  • I tell them how much money they can possibly earn.
  • I have my call to action by saying them ”Click Here To Start Now”


No fluff – Straight to the point.

Note that I am not lying in my advertisement.

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  • I will show them an opportunity to complete online tasks and earn money.
  • Clixsense is free to join.
  • and Yes, you can earn UP TO $889.20 per month by completing online tasks for money.


Lies will only make people join you but not follow you. Keep That in mind.

[su_label type=”warning”]RELATED:[/su_label] Online Tasks For Money: Make Up To$ 889.20 per month.

My Landing Page

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If you noticed above, my advertisement was linked to another website, instead of the normal landing pages, Clixsense offers to its affiliates.

online tasks for money

This is another self-hosted blog I own and use for my marketing activities.

The reason of promoting Clixsense with a self-made Landing-page is because you have more flexibility on the copy and the images if you build it your self.

My Campaign Results

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At last, the most important part of this case study.


I have ready an easy to follow table with my results from this $10 campaign.

[table id=15 /]


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  • Clicks: The Number of Clicks My Advertisement Received.
  • Average CPC: It is the average number of each click cost me. I divide my campaigns cost with the number of Clicks. 10/175 = $0.06
  • Conversions: The Number of people who signed up to Clixsense from this campaign.
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who signed up on Clixsense about the Clicks my campaign received. 175 X 4.6% = 8
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): How much did each new referral cost me to acquire. Just divide the amount you spend with the number of referrals you received. $10/8 = $1.25


What you need to check at the end of every campaign is the Cost Per Lead. How much did each new affiliate cost you to get? In this campaign it cost me $1.25 for each referral. My goal now is to make that number drop less than a dollar per referral.


This is the end of my Adhitz Case study, one of the many Case studies I will be publishing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. More case studies will follow to help you understand and promote Clixsense better.

If you have any questions, leave your comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If this is your first time in this blog, click here to join my team on Clixsense. You can check my clixsense payment proofs as well if you want to get some inspiration.

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