Update 22/8/2016: Tsu is not working anymore. It’s founder released an updated stating that he is terminating the tsu project after two years. Read more about it here.

I have some exciting stuff to share with you in today’s post. It seems that December entered with the best omens for me.  I just got my second tsu payment proof in less than two months and on top of that I received a payment from Tripleclicks – the marketplace where I own an online store.

Also, I have finally launched my second ptc website called bestptcwebsites.com which will help me drive more traffic to my referral links.

Adding to that, Clixsense and BuxP have made some awesome announcements regarding their payment and affiliate policies which blew my mind. These two ptc websites never stop to amaze me with their professionalism. You can read about the Clixsense announcement here and BuxP announcement here.

So, let’s jump straight to the payment proofs I got from tripleclicks and tsu .

Here they are:

Tripleclicks Payment Proof – December 2015

Tripleclicks Payment proof December 2015

Tsu Payment Proof – December 2015

Second Tsu Payment Proof for December 2015

What is Tripleclicks

Many readers have asked me what is tripleclicks and how am I getting paid from it. Well, tripleclicks is an online selling and auctions platform that allows you to open your own store and sell stuff.

I get my products from other websites and sell them there. Basically, I copy the description and the images from the original source to Tripleclicks and I increase the price 30% – 50%, according to the product.

People buy the product from Tripleclicks and I then buy it from the original vendor’s website.  The vendor ships the product directly to my customer on Tripleclicks without any logos from his company.

This way I make a nice 30% – 50% profit on every item i sell. This method is called dropshipping and it is used widely over the internet.

More on this money-making method, on future posts. You can always join Tripleclicks, create your e-commerce Associate Account (ECA) and start selling too.

What is tsu.

I’m sure many of you – my regular readers – know what tsu is. For those of you that came here from a search engine, tsu is a social network that pays you for doing things you are already doing on Facebook, twitter and instagram.

For example, uploading content, liking and sharing other people’s content, connecting with people and so on..

In order to join tsu you have to be invited by someone. Click on any of my links and you will be invited by me.Note that tsu , is absolutely free to join and there aren’t any upgrades or other B.S.

If you are wondering where tsu get the money to pay its members, then here this: Tsu is sharing 90% of its advertising revenue with its members. That’s right ! Only 10% stays for the company.

If you want to learn more you can always read my tsu review here. Also check here my first tsu payment proof.


I have just launched my second ”ptc related” website to help me get more referrals to my paid to click websites that I’m affiliated with.

Creating blogs and ranking them to the first results of the search engines for specific keywords related to the ptc industry is one of the best methods of getting direct referrals but one of the most tough as well.

This is one of the reasons that I am not mentioning it much. Maybe an online course about this subject would be a good fit to this website and to my ”hungry-for-information” readers.

I would appreciate much if you shared these payment proofs with the rest of the ptc community. Also I would really love to hear your thoughts on these two money-making sites as well as your questions.

Tsu Payment Proof & Tripleclicks Payment Proof for December 2015
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