Paypal Freeze Scam Ptc Admins accounts

UPDATE: 11th of February 2017 : PayPal has changed it’s policy and it does not allow legit ptc websites like Clixsense and BuxP to use them as payment processor. It seems that PayPal desided to put – both legit and scam ptc websites, in the same sack.

PayPal – the biggest online e-wallet – payment processor – will no longer allowing PTC sites to use their services. This decision fired up a lot of controversy and panic between the ptc industry.

Luckily for us, Clixsense Members, we have nothing to be afraid of cause of the long-term Good Standing Relationship Clixsense has with PayPal.

Read the post below to get a more detailed view on this subject and how it will affect the paid to click industry.

PayPal is getting very tough on PTCs.

New paid to click sites will have various problems trying to keep PayPal as a payment option. This is due to the high number of disputes PayPal has dealt with, in regard to scam PTC sites.

In effect, new PTC site owners may have to give supportive documents to show they are legit. Anyone can open a PayPal account, and it is only after a couple of weeks activity that PayPal can access a PTC admins account.

If the account stays in order with PayPal’s TOS, PayPal will take no action, and allow the account to stay active without any restrictions. If, however, there are concerns, right action from PayPal will be implemented.

These actions include temporary blocks on receiving/sending funds or termination of accounts.

 Established sites who have a good relation with PayPal will be unaffected . Of course, if disputes raise PayPal will take action.

Benefit To The PTC Industry

In effect, these PayPal measures are good for the PTC industry… in time, if a PTC website is (still) offering PayPal as a payment option, then you will know it is a good site.

If a PTC website has a No PayPal option, that should raise your suspicions, but do also take into regard that PayPal is not in every country and sometimes the fees are excessive due to location (e.g. India), meaning PTC site owners may prefer other payment options.

Finally, if a PTC site claims to be in ‘PayPal maintenance’ you can be sure of one thing… they have had problems with their PayPal account (e.g. too many disputes or funding issues from bank accounts etc…). While these may be temporary, be careful… it could also be the end of that PTC, so avoid depositing funds into that PTC (from any payment processor) until the PayPal option is fully available again.

What About Clixsense?

ClixSense LogoClixsense’s administrators released an update few days ago where they tell to their members that they have reached their PayPal account representative where he told them that although this situation is true, in no way are they stopping processing for all PTC sites.

They were told that due to Clixsense’s excellent standing with PayPal that they have nothing to worry about. You can read the original release from Clixsense here.

What You Need to Do

I am sure that many of you are still out there joining new ptc websites, getting scammed after two or three months and starting over with a new one again and again.

I’ve told many times that it is better to join a trusted ptc website with a proven track of payments and stick with it.

Clixsense is one of them. It has been online for  7 years  and has paid over  $8.500.000  to it’s over  4.000.000 members. 

4 Advice To Avoid Scam PTC Websites

  • If a ptc website does not offer PayPal payment it is or will turn into a scam.
  • If a ptc website offers many levels of upgrade it is or will probably turn into a scam.
  • If a ptc website does not have a forum then it is or will probably turn into a scam.



Place your comments below and lets start a conversation on this situation. How do you think this new update from PayPal will affect the PTC industry?

Paypal is no longer allowing Scam PTC sites to use it’s service
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6 thoughts on “Paypal is no longer allowing Scam PTC sites to use it’s service

  • 29/07/2015 at 11:25 pm

    But advertzer has done well and doing well without paypal 🙂
    we should encourage all ptc nott o use paypal as they are the biggest scammers, has proven that a site ptc or revhshare can be run without paypal. Payza – Neteller is the best alternative to paypal, Paypal is doomed with the intangible goods and services protect for buyers

    • 25/08/2015 at 11:25 pm

      I agree with the last three advise. For the first point on a ptc having paypal, most ptc that offer paypal have turn to scam and therefore paypal cannot be used to determine whether a ptc site is legitimate or not. If a ptc site decides not to use paypal even if they have the choice then I would not use that against them but I use your 3 remaining advise to judge them.

  • 27/03/2016 at 7:27 am

    Sir plz tell the best paying ptc sites (Really) through PayPal as the processor

    • 11/02/2017 at 12:24 pm

      Actually, it is a bummer.. I need to update this article. It seems that PayPal is putting in the same sack both legit and scam ptc websites. I believe it’s time to completely forget PayPal from the ptc world.


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