To make money online is not as easy as many gurus might want you to believe it is. It requires practice, patience, focus, errors and mistakes and spending some money. It also requires you to have a long-term plan that you will follow with dedication.

In this post I am going to explain you – in detail, why you should join Clixsense (the most trusted ptc website in the world) to become an ad-clicker and an affiliate and how you can make money lots of money with it.

But first, if you don’t know what ptc websites are, here is a brief explanation:

PTC stands for Paid To Click. That means that you get paid to click on advertisements. Clixsense and a couple of thousand other ptc websites pay their members from $0.001 – $0.02 – for every advertisement they click and watch. Whether you earn $0.001 or $0.02, depends on how long the ad will be shown to you.

For example, a 5 second advertisement will pay you $0.001. A 60 second advertisement will pay you $0.02 (Rates from Clixsense) .

The advertisements are placed there from marketers from all around the world, who seek REAL clicks on their advertisements for a fraction of the price other advertising services might ask for. On Clixsense, for example, you can get 1000 5 second clicks for $2.20 only.

How to Make Money With Clixsense and why you should trust Clixsense and Become an Affiliate

Clixsense is online since 2007 and it was among the first (if not the first) PTC website that came to existence. Today, after 8 years, it is still one of the most updated and high developed PTC website with over 5 000 000+ members (and counting).

There are literally over 1000 ptc websites online and 90% of them will not make it after the first six months. These paid to click websites eventually shut their doors leaving everyone in shock.

If you are among the lucky fellas, you’ll manage to get at least your money. If not, then it’s bye-bye money and Hello to countless wasted hours..

This is why you need to learn how to avoid them and choose a trusted ptc website to invest your time and money. A Trusted website that you know that it has been up and running for many years, it has a steady flow of new members and advertisers and it is paying its members without any delays.

Also, Clixsense has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the ptc industry, allowing you to earn up to 8 levels deep from your referrals. I suggest you visit Clixsense’s affiliate program page and read all the benefits that you can get by promoting this ptc.

The best part is that for every referrals you get you will get paid $0.10. Amazing I know.. Clixsense rolled=out this policy 6 months ago. It literally pays you when you refer someone to their platform.

That’s why, in this tutorial I’ve chosen Clixsense as my PTC. Of course, many of the information found in this guide can be applied in other ptc websites as well, so if you are not affiliated with Clixsense, it’s ok.

The Key To Success – Direct Referrals

I’m sure you may heard this a hundred times by know, but it is true. In order to succeed with any PTC website you need to have thousands of direct referrals.

Yes, Thousands. If you are getting 1 – 2 referrals per day, then you will need many years until you start making a decent amount of money with Clixsense or any other ptc website.

The reason is simple:

PTC websites have a high rate of drop-off. Only about 1% of the people you are going to refer is going to stay active. On average every active referral will earn you $1 per month. (these stats are based on my 4 year experience in the ptc industry).

So every 100 people you refer, only 1 of them will stay active and it will earn you about $1 per month.

So in order for you to earn at least $100 per month, you’ll have to refer 10 000 people to your team.

10 000 people X 1% = 100 people X $1 (on average) = $100 per month.

While this might sound like impossible, is NOT.

If you go to Clixsense’s affiliate program page, you will notice that on your right there is a column showing the top 50 sponsors for the last 24 hours and the top 50 sponsors of all time who have the most ACTIVE referrals.

Here are is a screenshot showing the top 50 sponsors for the last 24 hours when I’m writing this article:

top 50 sponsors for the last 24Hrs on Clixsense
Top 50 sponsors for the last 24Hrs on Clixsense (12/09/2015)

As you can see it is quite possible to get more than 50 referrals per day. If these guys above can do it, then what makes you think that you can’t?

The 3 kind of people you need to refer to Clixsense

There are 3 categories of people who you need to refer on Clixsense to make serious money. Fail to refer any of these people and your promotional efforts will be wasted..

1] The Internet Marketer

Internet marketers are always looking for cheap methods to promote their online businesses.If you can show them some of Clixsense’s advertising features and even better, some case studies and success stories, then these people they would want to test this advertising method.

And believe me, Promoting on Clixsense your squeeze page or landing page actually works and it’s dirty cheap.

You as an affiliate, will earn  10% when your referrals buy adverting. Now imagine having only 10 marketers who spend on average $65 per month.

$65 X 10 referrals = $650 X 10% commission = $65 per month on autopilot.

Now imagine having even more marketers who spend even more money on promoting their businesses.

2] People who complete tasks & offers

There is another group of ”online workers” who like to complete online tasks and offers.

Tasks are small jobs that you need to complete for money and they usually pay from $0.01 up to $0.10 per tasks while Offers are tasks that require you to complete a survey, download an application on your smart phone, subscribe to an online service etc. Offers pay from $0.10 up to $6 per offer.

Once I’ve earned $6.00 in 2 minutes. Read how here:

As a Clixsense affiliate you earn 10% from your referrals task and offer activity if you are a Premium Member and 5% if you are a standard member.

Many Task workers, complete over 500 tasks and offers in a day and they earn $300 – $600 per month. Imagine you getting 10%. You’ll be making $30 – $60 every month from each one of them.

Screenshot that shows the top 10 task workers on Clixsense. The first task worker completed 988 tasks in a single day !
Screenshot that shows the top 10 task workers on Clixsense. The first task worker completed 988 tasks in a single day !

3] People who want to make money online

Obvious.. right?

The third group of people are those who want to make money online. People who are passionate and they will not give up until they succeed.

Clixsense offers a lucrative way to earn money via online surveys, watching ads, completing offers and completing tasks.

It’s a make money online hub that you can make money on your free time.

This group of people though is a bit tricky..

You see, these people when they join on Clixsense (or any other ptc websites) for the first time, they get bored and they leave the platform.

The reason is they get frustrated by their earnings ($0.02 – $0.05 MAX) because they click only on advertisements. This is where you get it – their affiliate. You need to train them and show them how to earn more.

This can be done with a software called rocketresponder. RocketResponder is an autoresponder. Autoresponders are email marketing services that allow you to schedule emails to be sent to a specific email list. By utilizing this tool you can create a training course which will be delivered to your referrals automatically.

More on this technique later..

Beware of scamming sites that offer Rented Referrals

Did you notice that before I said DIRECT Referrals and NOT Rented referrals?

Rented referrals are bots created by the PTC websites administrator, to offer – supposedly – an extra income stream to its members. In reality though, the income stream is not for the members but for the administrator. You can read more on why I consider rented referrals as scam here.

So this guide will focus on how to make money with Clixsense (or any other ptc website) by utilizing direct referrals and NOT Rented Referrals. (Clixsense does not offer Rented Referrals and I respect them for that)

The Clixsense Strategy

The strategy I’m about to show you goes something like this image below:


a chart showing the 4 steps required to earn money with Clixsense or any other ptc website
A chart showing the 4 steps required to earn money with Clixsense or any other ptc website

Let me explain in brief what I mean:

First of all I would like to start by saying that Free Methods to Get Referrals SUCK !!

Yes, they suck, BIG TIME..

  • Posting in forums is boring, the admins there will never allow you to post your affiliate links, it is time-consuming and you’ll probably give up after a month.
  • Posting in Classified ads is again boring, time-consuming with BAD results. Again you will probably end your ptc carreed sooner than you thing.
  • Free Blogs suck too, because they will never EVER rank on Google and the other search engines they will never get enough traffic to create a steady stream of new referrals.
  • I’m not even going to talk about the free method that is called: ”Tell-Your-Friends” because we all know how much this method sucks..

So in general, free methods will not get you the 50+ referrals per day that you need to make any serious amount of money with clixsense or any other ptc website.

The ONLY methods that will allow you to get 50+ refs per day are:

  • Creating Self Hosted Blogs & Doing SEO
  • Advertising with FIXED ads on Other PTC Websites
  • Advertising on other people’s SELF Hosted Blogs that Rank High in the search engines.

Getting the funds to promote your business

In order to promote your Clixsense affiliate link, with the three methods mentioned above, you’ll need to invest some money in advertising, hosting.and skill development. If you have an online job and you can afford $100 – $200 per month to invest in your future success, then you don’t need to spend time on ”working” on Clixsense to get the necessary funds to ”fuel” your business.

On the other hand, if you are unemployed or you cannot afford the $100 – $200 per month for promotional activities, then you need to find them somehow.

I always recommend my referrals to spend 2 – 4 hours per day completing at least 100 tasks per day on Clixsense, in order to get the necessary money..

On average, a task pays $0.05 each. By completing 100 tasks per day X 30 days = 3000 tasks

3000 tasks X $0.05 each = $150

With the earned money you will be able to promote effectively your business and start getting tons of referrals to your ptc website that you are affiliated with.

Of course this requires dedication, focus and patience. Earnings will not come in a month nor in a week. You may have to spend months until you perfect the given strategies which I’m about to point you below.

If you quit everyone will say (include yourself) that you failed. If you never quit no one can tell that you failed, because you haven’t stopped trying yet.

Promoting Your PTC Affiliate Link

As I mentioned before, FREE METHODS SUCK !

I will talk about the three methods to promote your affiliate link that if done properly will get you 50+ referrals per day.

1] Self Hosted Blogs & SEO

The most successful PTC affiliates are using this method to attract thousands of referrals every day. They basically build tens of small websites around a specific keyword that it has been searched a lot every month from people from all around the world. For example: ”best ptc websites”, ”trusted ptc sites”, ”top 10 ptc sites” etc.

Screenshot from Google Keyword Planner that shows an example of a search made around popular ptc keywords
Screenshot from Google Keyword Planner that shows an example of a search made around popular ptc keywords

To find these keywords, you can use a free keyword tool from Google, called Keyword Planner Tool.

After the websites are built them they do something called SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is basically any action you do online to make your website appear as higher as it gets on the top 10 results when someone searches for your chosen phrase.

The websites that they built are called Self Hosted. Self hosted websites are the ones that have a registered domain and a hosting server. Free websites one the other hand do not need you to register a domain or getting a hosting server. My domain is and currently I am renting hosting space on hostgator.

In general, self hosted websites rank much much better on Google and other search Engines than free websites.

Registering a domain costs from $2.00 – $14.00 per year and hosting services cost from about $4.00 per month. Here’s a tutorial that I’ve created that will show you how to create a self hosted blog.

To use this method you need to learn how to create websites and how to do SEO. Building websites can be learned in less than a week. SEO on the other hand is something that you need to study.

I recommend buying this course. It very newbie friendly and it was among the courses that I bought when I started online. It costs only $10. Plus, it has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the course, you get your money back. Consider it as one of the personal investments you need to do to succeed.

2] Advertising with Fixed ads on Other PTC Websites.

This method is far more expensive but easier than the previous one.

What you need to do is promote your affiliate link on other websites that offer sticky (or fixed) advertisements. Fixed advertisements are those who allow to your advertisement to appear on the website for a fixed amount of time regardless of the clicks that is going to get.

For example on Clixsense you can buy a fixed advertisement for $65 per day and you will receive unlimited clicks in a day. They have over 5 Million Active members on their platform, so expect at least half of them to click on your advertisement. Imagine what 2500 000 hits on your affiliate link can bring in..

Let me tell you.. At least 50 – 100 referrals a day.

Of course you can contact Clixsense administration and ask for a better price if you are planning on buying a sticky ad for a whole month. That would cost you around $1950 per month, but you could refer 1500 – 3000 people in a single month.

Anyway other ptc websites have sticky ads as well. I suggest you go and check their rates to, Here is a list with trusted ptc websites which you can contact.

3] Advertising on other people’s websites that rank high

Some people have managed to get their website on the first spot on Google for high traffic keywords. These people offer you the chance to put your affiliate link instead of theirs in their Top Ptc List in exchange for money.

Instead of spending hours building your own websites, you advertise on already built websites that rank high.

To find these websites, just search for keywords like ”best-ptc-sites” and then check all the top 10 results that will appear. Click on all ten of them and check gor links that say ”get referrals” or ”advertise”. Contact them and ask them for Advertising Rates and Referrals Proofs.

Do the same process for other popular keywords as well.

The cost for this method will vary depending on what advertising prices you will negotiate with the websites administrator.

So, this guide has come to its end. I know that I could develop this guide in more detail. Believe me though, it would go over 10 000 words and I would have to sell it to you instead of giving it for free. 🙂

Following Up With Your Referrals

Remember when I talked about – the autoresponder services that I use to follow up with my newly acquired referrals? Well you have to do this to..

This step is very important because your new referrals need support and guidance. This way you will create a training course once and then the rest of your referrals will be trained automatically.

Screenshot from my rocketresponder account showing the first 4 follow up messages that I created for my referrals
Screenshot from my rocketresponder account showing the first 4 follow up messages that I created for my referrals

This method will allow you to minimize the drop-off rate of your new referrals and have more ACTIVE Direct Referrals.

RocketReposnder is Free for the first 30 days. After that you will get charged $20 per month. Note that this is the cheapest autoresponder in the industry.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. You can say thanks if you liked it by sharing this pages and letting the rest of the world know about it.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Make Money With Clixsense and Other PTC Websites
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