[toc] If you are thinking How to Earn Money Online in India without Investment then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to earn money online without any experience or monetary investment, even if you are from India or any part of the world.

The method I am about to show is absolutely free. You can earn over $800 per month from it – if you are willing to spend some time doing it.

And when I say, some time, I mean 8 – 10 hours per day. If you were to work in an offline job, you would still have to work that much time. The benefit with this method though is that you are not going to have a boss over your head and you are going to work from the comfort of your home.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

Now, enough talking. Let’s jump to the real method that will help you to earn REAL Money from home without investment and experience. The method is 100% legit, I’ve personally tried and tested the method and I am super confident about it.

The method you are going to see below is 100% legit, I’ve mentioned this method a couple more times on this website, but it seems that people are overlooking it. Most people are looking for push-button-millionaire-methods. These methods do NOT exist. If you want to make money online you have to work. End of story! I tried and tested the method I’m about to show you and I feel super confident recommending it to my readers.

How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

The method that will help you to get loads of cash is called Online Tasks Completion. Some people call it Online Tasks or Online MiniJobs.

If you are wondering how much money you can earn from task completion, just look these screenshots from the Clixsense platform – one of the biggest task completion website in the world.

online tasks for money ClixSense Forum

online tasks for money- Clixsense success

What is Clixsense?

If you don’t know what is Clixsense, you have been probably living under a rock or something.

Clixsense is a paid to click website (ptc) that is up and running since 2008. It evolved from a simple ptc website to a money-making platform offering more than six legit methods to earn cash from home, It has over 6 million members with more added every day.

One of the methods to earn money with Clixsense is by completing online tasks. Clixsense has teamed up with Crowdflower – a task completion company – to offer their tasks through the Clixsense platform because of the million of members Clixsense has.

What are Online MiniJobs?

So, what are online Tasks or MiniJobs as some people call them?

There are people and corporations from all around the world who need some tasks to be completed. These tasks to be completed need thousands of working hours and lots of money -if they were to use their own employees.

For example:

Jim bought a new website that has thousands of visitor comments and he want’s those comments to be categorised. To do this job alone he will need years. To hire people to do the job for him would cost him thousands of dollars. So, what will he do?

The answer is simple. He will post this mini job, to Clixsense who has millions of members.

He then cuts a deal with Clixsense for an X amount of money depending on how big and complicated the job is, Clixsense will keep a portion of the money for itself and the rest of the amount will be split among the members who will complete the tasks.

Each task a member completes will earn one, two three or even ten cents according to how complicated a mini job is. The more tasks a person completes the more money he makes per day.

By using the power of the masses, Jim is able to have his job completed in days instead of years and slash his cost to the one-fifth of what would actually cost him.

Here is a screenshot of the top 10 task workers in Clixsense for the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last 30 days and the top 10 task workers of all time. Clixsense awards $50 the top task worker every week. (See the last column on your right)

how to earn money online in india without investment

As you can see in the screenshot above, the user prafullaindian (second column and second row) completed 2,431 tasks the last 7 days. If we suppose that he got paid a median of 0.04 cents per task this means that he made $97 in a single week

Benefits of Completing Online Tasks for Cash

There are many benefits of completing task online. Let’s analyse them one by one:

  • You don’t need experience: Completing online tasks for money requires zero experience. You just need to follow the directions the mini job creator is giving you.
  • You don’t need to invest any money: To join Clixsense and start completing mini jobs, you don’t need to invest any money or pay for a membership. You join, you complete tasks and you make money. As simple as that.
  • You can earn hundreds of dollars per month: I’ve written an article a while ago, explaining how some people make over €800+ per month simply by completing tasks. If you are willing to spend time and work from home – even if you are from India or any other Asian country – you can make that kind of money and even more.
  • You are working from home: I’m sure you all agree that working from the comfort of your house is much better than working for someone else in a shitty job that you most probably hate.

Difficulties of Completing Online Tasks for cash.

Apart from benefits, there are some difficulties as well.

  • It’s boring: Some users are stating that task completion is boring. If you ask me they’re stupid. They can go work in the streets for pennies and make their boss reach. Competing online tasks fro money you become your own boss. I know it might be boring sometimes, but hey, every work in the world is. At least here you are in the comfort of your own house.
  • It’s very time-consuming: Yes indeed. To be able to earn up to $800+ per month you need to spend 8 – 12 hours in front of your computer. But again, this is not a push button millionaire program. This is real online work. In offline jobs you spend the same amount of time working for pennies. At least here, you are your own boss.
  • Tasks will not appear right away: Most people who join Clixsense get nervous because available mini jobs may not appear immediately to your account for completion.
  • You need to be careful: You need to be really careful when completing tasks. There are directions you need to follow. If you make mistakes, you may get banned.

How to Complete Online Tasks? Step-by-Step Guide

This is a step by step guide I’ve prepared that shows exactly how to complete online tasks.

1.Create a PayPal Account

First, you need to create a PayPal account in order to be able to ask your payments through Clixsense. Here is a video from YouTube that shows how to create a verify a PayPal account for people who live in India.

2. Sign up to Clixsense

The second step is easy. Go to Clixsense and create an account. Go ahead, sign up here.

3. Download the Clixaddon and install on your browser.

Clixsense clixaddon screenshotThe Clixaddon is a browser extension made by Clixsense that inform you of available ads, tasks and offers even if you are not logged to your Clixsense account. Clixsense

This is a must have extension on your browser because as soon as there are new tasks available you will sign in to your Clixsense account and you will start earning some cash.

To your left, there is a screenshot showing how the Clixaddon looks like. As you can see, it informs you for any available task, offer or advertisement available to complete.

In this case we are interested in tasks. Currently, there are ten mini jobs available. instaHere is a step-by-step video on how to install the Clixaddon

Here is a video I’ve prepared that shows how to install the Clixaddon.

4. Create a Crowdflower account.

When you log into your Clixsense account. Click the complete tasks button.

online tasks form money - Clixsense Success

When you enter for the first time, you will be asked to complete a Crowdflower account. Complete your Crowdflower account and continue to the next step.

how to earn money in India without investment

5. Wait for tasks to appear

Check your Clixaddon every day for new tasks. It may pass some time before tasks appear on your Clixaddon. Don’t worry, they need some time to appear in your account. Just be patient. Surf on your favorite websites and when you see a task, click the addon to be transferred to Clixsense. In the mean time, you can complete offers and click on ads to earn some extra cash using these methods.

6. Start your engines

When a new mini job appears, click on the Clixaddon and you will be taken to Clixsense in order to complete your first task. Start completing tasks

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the instructions of each task really careful before you try completing it. You get points when you complete correct each task, you loose if you make mistakes. Make two or three mistakes and you are out from the specific task.

7. Level up

Complete as many tasks as you can. After completing about 100 tasks you will gain level. You will become task worker level 2. Complete some more and you will become task worker level 3.

Level 3 task workers have unlimited tasks available to complete and earn substantially more money per task. Of course the more money you earn per task, the more complex the task is. But, as an experienced task worker, these ”complex” tasks will be like stealing candy from a kid.

online tasks for money - Clixsense Success

8. Refer your friends and explain them to do the same to

Clixsense offers an affiliate program where you can refer your friends to complete tasks to and earn some extra money on autopilot, depending on how much each of your referrals earns. Refer other people and explain them what to do. and how to

Show them your payment proofs, show them that this opportunity is real, explain them that they don’t need to invest any money and they don’t need any experience at all.

Getting some referrals will increase your earnings substantially and will help you work less on the completion of Mini jobs.

This article just showed you How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment and without any experience. I would really appreciate if you shared this post with your social following. I believe this is a method that can be used by anyone to earn a decent income online.

Also, if you have any thoughts on how to improve this article, please share your recommendations in the comments section below.

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How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

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