[toc] Like many others PTC sites, Clixsense has two types of memberships. One is Clixsense Free/Standard membership and another is Clixsense Premium membership. So it is common that free and premium members get different types of benefits. In this post I will describe in an easy to understand way the differences between the Free and Premium membership plans on Clixsense and why you should upgrade your account immediately if you are serious about your Clixsense business.

Before I go down to the comparison of the two membership plans, I want to say that Clixsense is perhaps the only paid to click website that allows its members to take advantage of all the benefits and characteristics the website has to offer, for only $17 per year. Most other ptc sites, need you to pay hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars to take advantage their full characteristics and benefits.

Clixsense Premium Vs Free Membership


More Ads:

When you upgrade to Clixsense Premium you will get more one cent and two cent advertisements. The reason is Clixsense will start serving you about 4 one cent advertisements every day that they are affiliated with and you will occasionally get ads from advertisers who want to target people who can do purchases online. You willearn about $0.06 per day as premium member and $0.015 per day as a standard/free member.

NOTE: If you multiply $0.06 X365 days (a year has) then you will earn $21.90 which covers the cost of your Premium membership.

More Clixgrid Chances:

Having a Clixsense Premium account your chances on Clixgrid – Clixsense’s ”luck” game – increases by 100%. As a Free member you have 30 chances every day while as a Premium member you have 60 chances in a day.

Clixgrid Timer:

Again, on Clixgrid as a Free member you have to wait for 10 seconds for each ad to be credited. As a Premium member though, you have to wait for only 5 seconds. This means that although you are goinf to click for 60 ads on the Clixgrid your spending time on Clixgrid will not increase. The only thing that increases are your chances of winning.

Screenshot of Clixsense’s clixgrid. On the right you can see the amount of money members are earning.

Better Cashout Policy:

As a Free member on Clixsense , you can cash out your earnings when they reach $8.00. When you upgrade to Clixsense Premium membership you will be able to cash out your earnings at $6.00

Pay per Referral Click:

We all know how important it is to have direct referrals to Clixsense if we want to make some serious cash with it. If you are planning to become serious on your journey to success with Clixsense , then upgrading to Clixsense Premium is a must. When you upgrade to Premium, you will earn 20% from your referral clicks instead of 10% as a Free member.

Signup Commissions:

Clixsense  has one of the best affiliate program on earth. It becomes even better when you upgrade to Premium. When one of your 1st level referrals eans $10 you automatically get credited with $1.00 . As a Clixsense Premium member though you earn $2 when your 1st level referrals earn only $5. Double the money in half the earnings.

Upgrade Commissions:

Things are getting wild here.. As a free member, when one of your 1st level referrals upgrade’s his membership to Premium you will earn $2.00 instantly. Cool right? Well, as a Premium member, not only you earn $2.00 from your 1st level referrals when they upgrade, you earn and $1.00 from all the referrals your referrals, referr down in 7 levels. That means that when your referrals refer, 7 levels deep, you have a chance to earn money when they upgrade.

clixsense referrals

Sales Commissions:

Clixsense  is a paradise for most marketers. Why? Well, they can get Quality Traffic from Real people for dirty cheap prices. If you can refer advertisers to Clixsense, you can earn a lot of money as a Free member and even more as a Clixsense Premium. Free members, will earn 10% from the amount the advertiser will spend, but it will not surpass the $1.00 in commission. That means, that if you refer someone who buys advertisements for $20 ($20 X 10% = $2) you will earn only $1 from him. You will be earning from him until your earnings reach $100. After, $100 you will not earn from him again if he buys advertising. On the other hand, when you upgrade to Premium, you will earn again 10% from what the advertisers buy, only this time you can earn up to $2 per purchase in commission. Also, you can earn from him for lifetime without any restrictions like in the free membership plan.

Tasks & Offers Commissions:

If you want to make serious money from Clixsense then both you and your referrals must complete online tasks and offers. As a Free member, you will earn 5% from your 1st level referrals. By upgrading to Premium this number doubles and you earn 10% from each competed tasks or offer.

Daily Checklist Bonus:

Clixsense rewards it’s members who are active with bonuses. As a Free member you can earn up to 7% of your the amount you earned in a day, but as a Premium member you can earn up to 16%. Again, double benefits for Premium’s.

Daily Checklist Bonus

Comparison Table

I hope this article makes it clear for you to understand that if you are serious about building your Clixsense income then upgrading your account to Clixsense Premium is a must. Clixsense’s upgrade policy is not something that it is out of your budget. On the contrary everyone ca afford $17 to upgrade its account.

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Clixsense Premium Membership Vs Free Membership
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  • 21/10/2016 at 5:09 pm

    Im confuse and little bit of hassitate to join clixsense…
    Is it 100% safe
    Please email me about my hasitation

    • 22/10/2016 at 10:30 am

      Clixsense is 100% safe to join. I guarantee that !!


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