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(ClixsenseSuccess) CashCamel is a ptc website that is over 5 years online and it is paying its members ever since. It has many thinks that I like about it and many things that I don’t. Below you will read my honest CashCamel review that will help you decided whether you will join it or not.


Things I Like about CashCamel

  • Online for many years: Cash camel is online for over 5 years. The website was created in 2011 by Kristopher Armes using the aurora script. Having a ptc website up and running for so many years, means that CashCamel’s admin is doing something right.
  • Paying: The most important factor of them all. YES, CashCamel is paying it’s members since 2011 making it an established ptc website in this industry. View payment proofs by other members on talk ptc and eMoneySpace.
  • No minimum payout: There is no minimum cashout in CashCamel. You can ask to withdraw you money to as soon as you reach $0.01. The money will be in your account within 72 hours from the time you requested your cashout.
  • PayPal & Payza accepted: Withdrawals are made through PayPal & Payza. I wrote an article a long time ago stating that PayPal would not offer its services to scam websites. So, if a ptc website allows payments through PayPal, then you can be sure that it is not scam and you will get your money.
  • Really cheap advertising: For advertisers, CashCamel is the paradise of advertising. Why? Because it is really (really) cheap to promote your business opportunity on CashCamel. You will pay only 0.25 cents for every 1000 visitors to your site. If you buy bigger packages the cost lowers even more. This allows CashCamel to have over 200 ads daily available for users to click. Of course this strategy affects negatively the ptc users as I am going to explain in a bit.
  • Unlimited Direct referrals: CashCamel’s affiliate program allows unlimited direct referrals. Some ptc websites – like Neobux – they don’t allow you to refer as many people as you want. To allow you to do this they force you to upgrade your account. So, take my advice guys: Don’t join ptc websites that limit you on how many direct referrals you can have.
  • Buxenger Supported: Buxenger is a free desktop software that helps you organize, monitor and view ads from many PTC website accounts using a browser extension. With Buxenger you can view all your accounts statistics and overall summary in one screen, view ads from all accounts and create new accounts on multiple websites at the same time. If you have a buxenger account, you can include CashCamel to your portfolio as well.
  • Wordlwide Service: CashCamel accepts users from all over the world – even from China.

Things I Don’t Like about CashCamel

  • Slow Earner: Remember earlier when we talked about how cheap is their advertising plans? Well it’s not so good after all. The reason is simple: In order to keep it’s advertising rates low and compete with the rest ptc websites, CashCamel decreased the money that pays its members per ad click in order to offer cheap advertising to advertisers. For every click you make on an advertisement, you earn 0.0002 cents only. The industry standard is 0.001. In other words you need to view 5 ads in CashCamel to earn what you will earn in any other ptc website.
  • Not Many Members: CashCamel has only 120 000 members. A website that’s been up and running for 5+ years, having less than 250 000 members is an indicator of something going wrong with the particular ptc website. Websites like Clixsense and BuxP – who have been online for 8 years – have 6 Million+ and 600 000 members respectively. I believe the reason behind this slow growth is because members don’t earn little money from it. So, why should they bother referring someone when he is going to earn only 0.02 cents per day. Affiliates earn 20% from their direct referrals, so why bother referring anyone to join.
  • Really bad design: The website looks like shit. Sorry for the bad language, but it is true. The website has not updated its graphics like… ever. How do they expect to get new members if they look like this? I believe that administrators who really care about their ptc website, make upgrades to their website’s layout and add new features on a constant base.
  • No Forum: The website has no forum which is un acceptable by me. Every ptc website should have a forum to help manage members requests, post payment proofs and help its members to succeed be creating helpfull threads. Usually, only scam ptc websites don’t have a forum. 

CashCamel Earning Methods:

Cash camel allows you to earn money using these methods:

  • Watching Advertisements: The classic method ptc websites allow you to earn money. Click on a link and watch the advertisements.
  • Read Ads: You click on an advertisement and a page with a text appears that tries to pre-sell the advertisement you are going to watch. You read the pre-sale text for 10 seconds and after that you watcg the ad for another 10 seconds.
  • Paid To Signup: You get paid to sign up to various programs.
  • Paid To Promote: You get paid to promote your affiliate link.
  • Click Exchange: The Click Exchange allows you to click for Unique Visitors instead of cash. When you click, you will receive a 2/1 ratio, meaning you will get 1 Unique Visitor for every 2 Exchange Link you click.

CashCamel Upgrade Plans

Upgrading your account on CashCamel is really cheap and it definitely worth your money if you are planning on working with CashCamel. Below is a screenshot with the perks you get when you upgrade your account on CashCamel.

cashcamel upgrade plans

CashCamel Communication

  • Owner: Kristopher Armes
  • Facebook Page:
  • Twitter:
  • Contact CashCamel:

CashCamel Review – Summary

Although CashCamel is considered an elite and established ptc website, I wouldn’t recommend joining it to earn money. The earnings are very low to even bother with it. Even if you decide to promote it to earn from your direct referrals, you still wouldn’t make enough.

I recommend joining CashCamel to be able to advertise there instead earning from it. You can promote your ptc website or any other money-making opportunity. The advertising there is so cheap that it is definitely worth it.

The final decision is on you guys. Would you join CashCamel or not. Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

CashCamel Review – Really Cheap Advertising
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