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BUXP’s admin – MAX – announced on the 15th of January, that they have recently been contacted by PayPal regarding the use of PayPal as a payment method for advertisers and users on

PayPal requested to make some changes to the way they are announcing BUXP to the world wide web when also promoting PayPal as a payment option on their network.

If you logged in to BUXP recently, you might  seen some content changes on certain pages such as the removal of PayPal as payment processor in the very bottom of the page.

This is what PayPal want’s BUXP to do:

  1. PayPal has issues with the way BUXP is announcing it self, which means it can no longer announce it self as a revenue sharing network. They have to explicitly write that BUXP is not a multi level marketing website or a get rich quick money scheme and have to repeat this in their FAQ section.
  2. BUXP admins have to accept some extra security measures which are related to fees, charge backs and disputes on PayPal itself.
  3. And last but not least, PayPal requires BUXP to operate under the https:// protocol, which is in any case fair and will result in more security for it’s users, but might take some time for this to be enabled.

Until these changes take effect, PayPal asked them to disable PayPal on BUXP until the changes have been processed and approved by them. The admins promised that they will be updating the members on a constant basis on the progress they are making regarding these updates.

As a short term counter measure, BUXP admins have enabled Payza cash out options for all members again permanently.

In the coming days and weeks, they will also be launching new payment options for advertising purchases and cash out requests, such as Skrill, Stripe and Payoneer.

As BUXP’s admin said: “During the contact with PayPal, we have realized that we are being too dependent with them and want to avoid being blacked out if ever PayPal decides to dump us (which is not yet the case but better be safe than sorry).”

Summarized, nothing much changes for us. There might be a small decline in active advertisements due to the PayPal option being disabled for purchases, but as written above, the admin will counter this by adding new payment options and hope to get the PayPal discussion solved soon.

Bitcoin as a payment processor?

In BUXP’s official thread on their forum, one user suggested the use of Bitcoin and Litecoin – two of the most popular crypto coins according to coinmarketcap – as Payment Processors (I highly endorse this move).

The admin responded that “they are going to introduce Bitcoin for advertising purchases in the first test phase and later on possibly also for payouts.”

We have many times stated that PayPal hates scam sites and sites that are not complying with their security measures. Many PTC admins tried to ”demonize” PayPal as a PTC hater, but this is simply not the case as we are seeing in the case of BUXP.

PayPal is contacting the administrators, asking them to make certain changes and then continue to use PayPal’s services. If a PTC admin does not comply, then the privilege of removing PayPal is gone.

BUXP is one of the best ptc sites to join and to earn lots of money with it. It’s been around for many years, has thousands of members and it’s been paying with no problems since its conception. This measure by PayPal is something that will make them stronger after the whole issue finishes.

So, what do you think about this. Is PayPal doing good ”forcing” PTC websites to comply with them TOS or is just a bully Payment Processor service? Leave your comments and lets start a discussion.

BuxP: Payment Method Updates as PayPal Requests More Safety to Users
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