One of our readers from India, contacted us a couple of days ago and asked us what ptc websites we think are best ptc sites in India to join.

Although it is obvious that we endorse and recommend Clixsense as the best ptc website for new users to join, we decided to answer our friends question and give him (and you) the top 5 best ptc sites in India to join.

There are a ton of ptc websites for you to join but with so many scams out there you need to be very careful. If a ptc website shuts its doors or go scam, then you are in big trouble my friend. Both your time and money have gone..

All the ptc websites that we recommend below have these characteristics in common:

  1. They have been up and running for over 3 years each.
  2. They have been paying their members continuously.
  3. Have a very good referral program (for income growth)
  4. They allow people from India to join.
  5. They are trusted from the overall ptc community

Top 5 Best Ptc Sites in India to Join in 2015


best ptc sites in india

Clixsense is the most trusted ptc website among the ptc community with over 5 000 000 members. It has been up and running for over 7 years and it is paying its members ever since.

Ten of thousands of its members join everyday from India, so if you are from India, you can visit some Hindu forums and ask around. Believe me, you’ll be amazed with what people have to tell you about it and the amount of rupees you can make with it.

Clixsense is also our number one recommendation for new ptc users because it has one of the best affiliate programs in the world and the cheapest upgrade cost among other ptc sites. (Only $17 per year)

Join Clixsense


best ptc sites to join in india

BuxP is another ptc – get paid to network that has been up and running since 2008. It has over 550 000 members and it has been paying its members on time – every time since then.

It accepts members from all around the world – including India as well.

One of its many perks is that it has over 10 different ways to make money with their website. One of it’s methods is by watching video advertisements. Every day you can view on over 100 video ads, earning 1 – 2 dollars every day only with this method.

By asking around or by searching for reviews, you are not going to read NOT a single bad review about this program. It has been featured on our best ptc websites table as well and it is our second most favorite ptc website after Clixsense.

Join BuxP


best ptc sites to join in india wordlinx

Wordlinx is a ptc website that is registered in the UK from Rogue media. It is up and running for 12 years (wow) and it has been paying its members ever since. It is considered to be among the ELIT ptc websites and most importantly… it accepts people from India. It has a relatively low upgrade to premium fee and a decent affiliate program.

We don’t know how many members are registered to their website, simply because they don’t write it somewhere on their website like other ptc websites do. If you find out, just tell us in the comments section below.

Join Wordlinx


best ptc sites to join in india

Neobux is one of the ”Big Boys” ou there with over 7 years in the paid to click business. It has never missed any payments towards its members and it is called by many as the King of PTC’s.

Although they don’t give an exact number of members on their website, it is believed to have more than 10 million members.

It’s only downfalls are that it has restrictions on how many direct referrals you can have as a new member and you need more than $800 per year to upgrade to ultimate and ”unlock” all it’s features.

It is also the only ptc site from this list that offers rented referrals. (which we don’t like. Here’s why)

Join Neobux


best ptc sites to join in india - gpt planet

GPT planet is another elite ptc website that accepts members from India.

GPT Planet is up and running for 6 years and as we speak has over 240 000 members, most of them coming from – where else – India.  Although its been up and running for all that years it still has a low amo9unt of users. This is a good chance for you to join and promote it on other ptc websites like Clixsense and BuxP knowing that their members will not be members on GPT planet.

No restrictions on Affiliate Program apply and many methods to earn money with. One of our favorites is the PTP method. PTP means paid to promote. GPT Planet will actually pay you money whenever someone clicks to your affiliate link, earning you both direct referrals and allowing you simultaneously to cover some of your marketing expenses.

Join GPT Planet

So these are what we consider to be the Top 5 Best Ptc Sites in India to join.

They are all trusted, paying and with lots of members. If you want to know how to detect and avoid scam ptc websites, I suggest to read this article.

If you have any other ptc website that you believe it needs to be mentioned,  we are all ears. Just leave a comment below and we will look at it asap.

5 of the Best ptc sites in India to Join
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