I am writing today’s post to give to some people the ”push” they need to make even more money with their Clixsense accounts. I was browsing through Clixsense’s forum when my eye caught a thread from user blindsniper11 who is making about $13 per day, without any referrals. 

Although, the image I’m about to show you comes from a USA member the kind of money he is making can be made from people who live in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Mexico and every country that Clixsense accepts new members.

The way he is achieving these kind of results is because he is completing online surveys within Clixsense. He is also stating that if he wasn’t lazy he could have earned up to $900 per month.


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Unfortunately Clixsense users that live outside the United States do not get enough surveys to complete to earn that kind of money.

The way they can do it though is by completing online tasks. Completing Online Tasks for money is a very time-consuming thing to do, but it pays really well. There are people who earn more than $800 per month only by completing tasks. If you don’t have a job and you need money, then you know what to do.

Also imagine you start earning $400, $500 and $800 per month from the comfort of your home. If you show your results to your friends and if you start posting your payment proofs through  your social networks then, believe me, people will beg you to become your direct referrals.

Everyone can earn hundreds of dollars online…

As I said earlier, everyone can earn hundreds of dollars with Clixsense. This kind of money can be achieved by different means:

  • There are people who are masters at online marketing and they earn that kind of money by referring people.
  • There are other people who are really fast and accurate and they can complete hundreds of online tasks every day.
  • And finally, there are people who live in the US and they earn a lot of money with Clixsense by participating in online surveys.

My point is that whoever you are, wherever you are, if you have a strong will and determination to succeed, then you will earn a lot of money.

The website that gives you the online job is called Clixsense. You just have to sign up, start working online and make your dreams come true.

As simple as that..

300$ in 3 weeks – 13$ a day average with Clixsense Surveys
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